What’s true about the myth: sour makes fun?

Using the example of an article, I’ll be happy to show you to what extent manipulation is taking place.

Title: Our sense of taste and sense of protection

Conventional medicine statement: Why do you grimace with sour food? A hearty bite into a lemon – and our faces involuntarily twist into a crooked grimace. But why is that so? Sour makes fun. At least that is what the vernacular says.

Conventional medicine statement: In today’s food culture, slightly acidic foods such as yogurt, lemonades or many citrus fruits are very popular. The “sour” taste impression is actually an alarm signal for the body.

My note: Sour is one of the five completely natural taste sensations. So sour is only an alarm signal in exceptional situations and never as generalizing.

Conventional medicine statement: It usually stands for dangerous food.

My note: This is nonsense and wrong.

Conventional medicine statement: “Sour fruits, for example, are generally unripe and therefore unpalatable.

My note: This is another nonsense and wrong. Lemons, grapefruit and many berries such as currants, gooseberries and many others are sour even when ripe and are not at all dangerous. Sauerkraut is sour and even deliberately sour. Sour is Yin (centrifugal, expanding) even means very healthy food.

Conventional medicine statement: Other things become acidic when they are fermented, i.e. when they are interspersed with potentially dangerous microorganisms.

My note: Since when have microorganisms been dangerous for lactic acid fermentation? They are even necessary for this – healthy – process.

Conventional medicine statement: A similar reflex is also triggered by a bitter taste. Many toxins, e.g. from plants, are very bitter.

My note: Dandelion, chicory, artichoke, ginger, centaury and many others are plants with a high content of bitter substances. Not only very healthy but – are remedies!

Conventional medicine statement: Here, too, the body reacts with a program of revulsion – a reaction that presumably arose very early in evolution.

My note: In what evolution? In Darwin’s evolution lie? Bitter substances are also very healthy for digestion. Bitter is Yang (centripetal, astringent)

Conventional medicine statement: Why the contortion of the mouth or even the whole face with suspicious taste notes is part of the body’s own abhorrence program has not yet been fully clarified. In the case of animals living in groups, i.e. also in humans, the striking facial expressions could have a certain signal effect. The typical contortion of the face is easy to see for others and may warn them not to put things in their mouths that the conspecific has just ingested.

My note: These statements are just as wrong in this form as they are with the sour taste. Dandelion roots, for example, are also very bitter, but still healthy. However, we can explain this with InYology (teaching of Yin and Yang). How does the body react to strong yin? With yang. For example, if you take an ice cold (yin) shower, all blood vessels contract (contraction is yang) and blood pressure rises (reaction yang).

Conventional medicine statement: Disgust for sour things, reward for sweet things.

My note: Fine. Yes, the food companies and the pharmaceutical industry would like that. Disgust for sour sauerkraut and reward for chocolate. Or rather a reward for the coffers of the pharmaceutical industry.

Conventional medicine statement: So, in a sense, the sense of taste controls our behavior – and very effectively.

My note: That is also wrong. Our sense of taste does not control or direct our behavior. Our consciousness, our mind, guides our bodies. Certainly not the other way around. But only with people who are still so healthy that they can still think for themselves and cannot be controlled by system medicine.

Conventional medicine statement: For example, it is very difficult not to grimace when you bite into a lemon.

My note: It’s a matter of getting used to. That changes for the better after the first wonderful lemon cure.

Conventional medicine statement: This is due to the fact that the brain structures that generate this behavior are shaped by evolution and are fixed and ready-made in each of us before birth.

M. a comment: This is total bullshit. According to conventional medicine and science, these brain structures are ready-made and you can’t do anything about them. Typical matrix manipulation statements.

Conventional medicine statement: This can also be seen in the fact that newborns spit, scream and grimace if you put a drop of an acidic or bitter substance on their tongues.

M. a comment: They say the same thing about vitamin D3. Never give an infant vitamin D3, otherwise it could spit, scream and grimace. Better give the baby sugar and a start in life vaccination (with mercury, aluminum and many more). For this he later gets chemotherapy – a mixture of deadly mustard gas and a place in the sanatorium or even in the crematorium.

Here is a supplement on the topic of acids: three acids are important for humans.

  1. Citric acid: Citric acid is a mild acid that has a basic effect in the intestine.
  2. Acetic acid: Acetic acid (apple cider vinegar) is a mild acid that has a basic effect in the intestine.
  3. The right-turning lactic acid (sauerkraut) is a mild acid that has a basic effect in the intestine.

Conventional medicine statement: If, on the other hand, it is a sugar solution, the reaction is completely different: the baby will smack their lips with relish.

My note: Which, according to food and filler criminal groups, would prove that even refined sugar and sweet drinks are healthy because they are not sour, but sweet. Everyone can choose freely whether they want to poison the baby with sugar or not.

Conventional medicine statement: Because the sense of taste can not only warn of indigestible food, but also encourage the consumption of food if it contains particularly important nutrients or minerals.

My note: Yes, but only for people who are still so healthy that they can still think for themselves and cannot be controlled by system medicine.

Conventional medicine statement: As soon as our taste cells report to the brain that something like this is in our food, it releases certain messenger substances that trigger a feeling of pleasure. So it rewards us for eating chocolate bars and chips – because sugar and salt are biologically necessary for us.

My note: No, our body does not “reward” us for this behavior, but we “reward” the system medicine specialists with this matrix behavior that we have acquired.

Sour makes fun but only after 3 days

It is important to always be active – to think freely and independently. Don’t just take over any garbage and play the robot and phonograph.

The power of manipulation

This book aims to unveil your power of discernment and to keep your eyes and mind open.

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