Understand illness correctly and transform it into health

The answer is not difficult. Epictetus says: “It is man’s own fault if he is not happy”. But there are many people who are unhappy or who think they are unhappy. Few agree with Epictetus. Those who say yes are not fully aware that their own guilt is the ultimate cause of their misery. I would say: “If a person is not happy, it means that he has, consciously or unconsciously, violated the law of nature, the order of the universe, since his highest judgment is clouded.

What has a beginning has an end. It is disease that leads us to health!

If one makes a mistake in the choice of therapy, for example by entrusting oneself to symptomatic medicine, then this is the starting point, the beginning that always ends at an opposite point, the end point, the principle of health that is nothing else than the realistic view of life and the universe.

Illness is the guide that leads us to this view. It is the infinite itself. That is why one must not brutally destroy this leader. We must not destroy the disease. She is our guide. She is not our enemy, she is our friend.

The cause of sickness and feeling is not to be found in the physical body. Every illness and every feeling has its cause in the soul and in the consciousness and is guided and communicated by the consciousness.

Every illness always arises first in the soul and in consciousness and is only then noticeable in the physical body and never the other way around.

Why should we avoid names like cancer, diabetes, Parkinson’s and multiple sclerosis whenever possible?

We want to leave these WHO disease-name prisons consciously. Then we shouldn’t keep them alive ourselves. There are thousands of patents on diseases. Let’s just look at a few:

  • Patent on Zika virus (ATCC VR-84)
  • Patent on SARS virus (US patent 7897744)
  • BSE virus patent (US patent 0070031450 A1)
  • Patent on swine flu (CA patent 2741523 A1)
  • Patent on H1N1 virus (US patent 8835624)
  • AIDS virus patent (US patent 5676977)

But doesn’t every symptom need a name? No, the symptoms should not be named. The symptoms should be described in as much detail as possible without pigeonholing them by name. Or can the body only cure a disease if it knows the name of it?

The marketplace of the pharmaceutical industry is the human body. But only as long as he is sick!

Headaches should be described in detail without having to attach the name “migraines” to them. Migraines are a drawer with drugs to match. Cell proliferation should be described precisely without attaching the name “cancer” to it. For headaches and cell overgrowths without a name, we just have to find the cause. And the cause is mostly to be found in a wrong way of thinking, with consequent wrong behavior and certainly wrong nutrition and vital substance intake. We don’t need migraine medication to change attitudes and beliefs. Proper nutrition and turning away from the satanic areas are sufficient. Humans have the choice of investing their attention and energy in scenarios of how powerful the Satanists are and how terrible the future will be, or they can invest their attention and energy in scenarios of how much more powerful the angels are and how beautiful the present already is .

The energy always follows your attention.

This knowledge is extremely important for health advisors in the patient discussion when explaining the diagnosis. This is where the course is set as to whether the patient sinks into the nocebo position and remains ill, or whether he moves up to the placebo position and can heal. We should exercise our awareness of knowing ways of healing without medication. Healing always takes place through awareness, the power of the spirit. For the physical body, natural nutrition will remain the silver bullet. But without the right awareness, even the best natural diet cannot work to its full potential. In the first place of healing should be the placebo attitude. And that is the job of a real “natural healer” to lead patients into this attitude. Only then should he give dietary recommendations.

If I consciously do not take care of my health and say, “God” or “nature” (or whatever you like to call it) will take care of everything for me … I am embedded in roses, I am a light being, my soul can heal everything … yes then you are really quite seriously ill. Such arrogance is always punished with illness. It is better to say: I also take responsibility for my physical body and take care of it. Everything else is a disrespect for the great Creator.

And when I choose health, not only do I feel physically healthy, I am also mentally healthy. Because a healthy mind and a healthy soul always choose the path of health, salvation, peace, joy and gratitude.

The physical food is only for the physical body. The mind does not need physical nourishment. The spirit lives on spiritual nourishment. But the physical body cannot live without physical food. And as long as we are incarnated in a physical body, it is our job and duty to nourish the body with healthy food.

And if we do not understand this, or are ungrateful for this gift, the Great Spirit sends symptoms to our physical body to show us that we have become negligent and should correct our posture.

If conventional medicine simply suppresses these symptoms without causing a change in posture, these symptoms keep coming back. And the longer the harder. Until we recognize Mea Culpa and correct our posture.

Now we’re finding our way back to the path of health.

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