What and who are the puppet media?

What and who are the puppet media? I call these media: mockingbirds-parrots-puppets-propaganda-warmongers-lies-NATO-mainstream-phonograph-manipulation-fakenews-satanist-media. Or in short: media of the socialists. The vast majority of all media are controlled and controlled by socialists. There is the term “lying media”, which was later weakened somewhat to “gap media” so as not to have to say “manipulation media”.

Puppet media

Here is my reason for this:

Mockingbird Media
Because they mock like a mockingbird and ridicule the truth, dismiss other opinions as conspiracy theories….

Parrot Media
Because they’re all parroted and copy everything….

Puppet media
Because like marionettes they are led and determined by their puppet leaders …

Propaganda media
Because they purposefully spread themselves everywhere and present their manipulated one-sided narrative that only serves them….

Warmonger Media
Because their reports are designed to bring about war, see Vietnam, former Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya, Syria, and many more….

Lying media
Because they lie until the bars not only bend but break – see the official 9/11 version and countless others …

NATO media
Because they pave the way for the North Atlantic Terrorism Organization (NATO) so that it can wage wars that are contrary to international law … see Russia bashing …

Mainstream media
Because they intercept the cultural tastes of a large majority and package it that way – selling it to serve the majority….

Phonograph Media
Because the employees of these media companies simply pass on everything like phonographs without questioning themselves – because this phonograph knowledge is intended for phonographers …

Manipulation media
Because their reporting is extremely one-sided and tendentious – and because deliberate omission also falls under manipulation…

Fakenews media
Because they deliberately falsify, lie, cheat, cheat and twist facts …

Socialist media
Because the majority of these media are preaching the socialist agenda. Where socialism = centralism = dictatorship.

Satanist media
Because they are ruled by real Satanists …

Why are the manipulation media one of the biggest criminals?

The manipulation media are largely responsible for ensuring that all these big crimes – and the guilty criminals – do not come to the public and are never convicted because the manipulation media withhold all this – well known – information from the public. Why are they doing this? Because they are vassals of the socialists and satanists.

There is a big difference between perspective and representation. I assume the individual journalists that what they present is very often not their own point of view and that they still have to present the given result that has already been reported.

If these media people weren’t Satanists or were not led by Satan, they would have stood up long ago and told the truth, and the whole system would have collapsed. The students go to the universities and learn this nonsense – and tell later, when they are captains of economics and politicians – I have a degree in economics – I know how the economy works. You have only studied 100% Matrix-Irr-Doctrine. Anyone who studies and understands natural knowledge – knows that these people are starving to death because the Satanists want that too. Certainly not because people are just stupid and lazy. If so, these people have so far simply been kept stupid and dependent so that they can be better exploited by the Satanists. Isn’t it satanic – that in this day and age children are still starving in the world? Why isn’t the media reporting the truth about it?

In our time, nothing is better than – as the name suggests – mass media to influence people. I am convinced that there is not a single mass medium that is not supposed to manipulate. What this manipulation looks like – positive or negative – can only be judged if you manage to read between the lines.

Who and how should be manipulated depends on the interests of the “managing director” of the medium: whether one has a contract with a food manufacturer and simply wants to market food or whether the managing director is a member of a certain party and tends to a certain ideology and this also reflected in his medium, should remain an open question for now.

Form” information

It is important to know how texts and images are “shaped” to influence the decisions and thoughts of the consumers (is a bit harshly formulated, but is in the end fact) of the media. For this reason, let’s look at two basic types of manipulation: text and images.

Images or photo manipulation

In the age of digital post-processing, there are almost no limits to image manipulation, and many images are manipulated with the best of intentions. An interesting question would be: when does image manipulation violate our ethics, where are the limits? Even if almost everyone knows that pictures can be changed quickly and easily, they do not notice that they are being manipulated on the subconscious level by very simple pictures. To be more specific: Nobody who reads the newspaper, for example, thinks of the fact that the pictures that are printed there could have been manipulated.

Here’s an example:
Text manipulation
In all written media including websites and online articles, writing and language are powerful tools for manipulating readers. When we talk about manipulation through texts, we have to consider the following criteria:

  • Position of the text
  • font
  • Colours
  • graphic design
  • Use of language (e.g. emotional use of language or factual or descriptive etc.)

We should always ask ourselves one thing: Why did the author write certain passages in a large font and why did some with a small font? If you think a little deeper while reading, you quickly learn to read between the lines and thus avoid falling for an attempt at manipulation. Here is an example of how a fact is presented in two different ways:

Transatlantic Media Alliance

The transatlantic media is a propaganda vehicle of NATO, which has waged and continues to wage illegal wars around the world. Like all mockingbirds-parrots-puppets-propaganda-warmongers-lies-NATO-mainstream-phonograph-manipulation-satanist-fakenews-media, to which I count practically all public service media, manipulate the formation of opinion in a subtle way.

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