Understanding health

Anyone who says that the mind is more powerful than the body – which is what I also believe – should also use this spiritual power to keep the body as healthy as possible. Otherwise this wisdom remains ineffective.

God has gifted us our life and a physical body. Our physical body is made up of flesh and blood, bones, muscles and organs. So, one after the other:

  1. Our organs are made up of our cells
  2. Our cells are formed by our blood
  3. Our blood is produced by the physical food we eat

Our physical body is food that has been transformed: our food is what produces our blood. Our blood forms our cells. Our cells form our organs.

– and if we work backwards –

Our organs cannot be healthier than the cells that make up the organs. Our cells cannot be healthier than the blood that makes them. Our blood cannot be healthier than the food from which our blood is made. Our food cannot be healthier than our consciousness that chooses what we eat.

Now the bridge has been built to help us understand how important our awareness and the will to make the right food choices are for our health.

We are always responsible (mea culpa) for all of our decisions. This is especially true for our spiritual, psychological and physical health.

We reap what we sow

Sick people have a sick consciousness. Otherwise they would be healthy. Healthy people have a healthy consciousness. And that is exactly why they are healthy. Let’s be clear about one thing: we can only reap exactly that which we have previously sown. So we shouldn’t be asking the doctors and the pharmaceutical industry what can they can do for us. We should be asking ourselves, “What can I do for nature?” Because nature gives me back in harvest exactly that which I have sown into nature in the first place. That is mea culpa.

In summary:

  • Don’t eat anything and you will physically die
  • Eat unhealthy food and you will become physically and spiritually ill
  • Eat healthy food and you will become physically healthy

If you choose the path of eating nothing and dying – your consciousness has chosen this path.
If you choose the path of eating unhealthy food and getting sick – your consciousness has chosen this path.
If you choose the path of eating healthy and becoming healthy – your consciousness has chosen this path.

You don’t have to give up anything. You don’t have to go on a diet. You are allowed to do that. It is a gift from the Great Spirit. You can also use the terms angel or guardian angel. You don’t think so? Do you really think there is even a single moment when the guardian angels are not active? Angels and guardian angels, just like the Great Spirit, are always active.

Freedom is not just about being able to do what we want. True freedom is much more a case of not having to do what we don’t want to do.

The spirit directs the body and not the other way around. More specifically: a person who does not eat has to die (his physical body has to die). If that’s your goal, then don’t eat anything from now on. Those who eat unhealthy food get sick. If that’s your goal, then eat unhealthy food. If your goal is being healthy, then you know what to do.