The war that reigns on this earth

Let’s ask someone: “Who are you?” We are likely to get an answer, “I’m a businessman with a degree in economics.” We confuse man with the shapeless person. Our own soul with our social etiquette as we identify with the matrix.

What we believe, our origins, our political position, our religion, our job title, our diet, our culture – all these things that we have learned – they have been taught to us by the system. And we most likely drag these things around with us as part of our own identity.

Our soul does not care about any of these titles, names, labels, or cultural beliefs. Neither does the Great Spirit or the Universe. One of the main aspects of living in a matrix is that there is massive confusion of self-identity and the feeling of separation from our true selves. Who am I? We feel like something is missing because instead of nourishing our souls we have been taught to re-label ourselves in an attempt to give ourselves some meaning and value. Not only has the matrix adopted the way we live, it is also beginning to subvert our own sense of individuality.

Since Niccolò Machiavelli’s theoretical elaboration in 1532, hardly any other maxim for securing one’s own power has worked as well as the principle of “divide and rule”. With this motto, great empires managed to survive for many centuries. Even if the Roman Empire and the British Empire have long since collapsed, it also serves as the ruling practice of today’s largest empire – the West.

A state, as Plato wrote in ancient Greece, always consists of two fundamental pillars. One group rules, the other is in opposition to this rule. Optionally, the simple state people, in the language of Plato “the rabble”, are either undecided who they want to join, or their majority has already decided in favor of one of the two sides.

In a democratically constituted state, as we know it in today’s modernity, this old philosophical role model is slightly shifted. Because theoretically the “rabble” decides by means of votes and elections who has to rule and who does not.

Since the ruling class of modernity is therefore much easier to depose, the group that is in opposition to its own claim to power must be separated all the more thoroughly and become enemies with one another, while the ruling classes strive for fraternization. Because even in a democracy there is always the danger for the rulers that the opposition will first unite and finally the “rabble” of the new group that claims power will join. In this case, the enthroned group of leaders, elites and elected representatives could hardly be saved. The last possibility would be the use of force, which would hardly be possible in a constitutional and largely opposed state structure. In short, the ruling class would be lost.

It is therefore important for the beneficiaries of the rule to proceed thoroughly in order to avoid such developments.

In order both to push back the foreign empires and to separate the domestic opposition and to let it sink into quarrels and ideological conflicts, the principle of “divide and rule” must be applied very thoroughly. Because the empire is large, the means of “mouthing” less pronounced than in the times of earlier empires, and the “mob” – contrary to what many might want to believe – has become more intelligent.

But with intelligence, there is also a decisive advantage: arrogance.

Because anyone who no longer considers himself to be just a simple farmer who can neither read nor write as in previous centuries, but instead considers himself to be a somewhat educated middle-class family man who likes to pretend his educational qualifications are not only defending his worldview against that The ruling class – in our case the government and the associated elites in the party and parliament – but above all against the opposition and precisely those parts of the “mob” who do not fully correspond to its opinion.

With the intellectualization of the simple population emerging in the modern age, an unspeakable vanity emerges that prevents “left” and “right”, “liberal” and “statist” from uniting against the rulers in order to stand against those who are conscious of the To fight against abuses of power such as surveillance, war and impoverishment by the elite.

The maintenance of this division of the population and thus the safeguarding of one’s own power works by means of the media, civil society organizations, the smuggling of opposition members who themselves – albeit unconsciously – are only too happy to contribute to the general division, and many other operations. This is how “divide and rule” has worked perfectly in the western empire for decades.

You are a European … You are a Muslim … You are a businessman … Humanitarian … German … Christian … Conservative or middle-class citizen.

All of these are unnatural labels that have been assigned to you, and they do not really exist in view of your natural state, pure being.

Do you ask someone “Who are you?”
You will likely get replied, “I’m a businessman with a degree in business.” You are mistaking the human for the shapeless person. His own soul with his social etiquette because you identify with the matrix.

Your origin, your political position, your religion, your job title, your diet, your culture – all these things that you have learned – they were taught to you by the system. And you are most likely dragging these things around with you as part of your identity.

Your soul doesn’t care about any of these titles, names, labels, or cultural beliefs. Neither does the great mind or the universe. One of the main aspects of living in a matrix is that there is massive confusion of self-identity and a feeling of separation from your true self. Who am I? You feel like something is missing because – instead of nourishing your soul – you have been taught to take on a new label in an attempt to give yourself some meaning and value.

Nobody should be misled by the socialist “Newspeak” and their “camouflage designations”: the deception scheme “left” and “right” only serves to obscure the principle of “divide and rule”. It is not the “left-right” groups within the system that are decisive, but rather whether they are members of the system (rulers with a monopoly of violence and immunity from prosecution) or non-system members (rulers, against whom the monopoly of force is used and who enjoy no immunity from prosecution .) Socialism is always centralism, and centralism is just another word for dictatorship.

Centralism means that all power is centralized and not federally distributed among the clans concerned. Centralism is incompatible with federalism. It is therefore easy to understand that it is precisely the socialists / centralists who, under the guise of “anti-discrimination”, “divide this into groups in order to then be able to dominate the individual groups even better” with the “left-right Parts scheme ”. The term “centralist” is even clearer and more correct than the term socialist. Because the word “social” – from French social and Latin socialis, from “social” to “non-profit, helpful, merciful” – suggests. And centralists really don’t have these qualities. On the contrary.

Anyone who STILL so persistently and stubbornly talks about democrats (democracy) and liberals (freedom) really understood NOTHING! It is the SOCIALISTS (centralists) who hide under the guise (liberal and democratic) – SOCIALISTS!

The Nazis, too, were socialists (centralists), National Socialists. Today this headquarters for the EU dictatorship is in Brussels.

Even clearer:
The Brussels headquarters dictate who should take in how many “refugees”, how much Glyphosata should be sprayed on the fields, where the mandatory vaccination should be introduced, who should participate in which illegal and international wars of aggression should participate and much more. All of this is NEVER social and liberal. All of this NEVER works through real elections – but only through massive election manipulation. But I can’t remember that people could ever vote on ballot paper whether they wanted to attack a country with their sons (soldiers) and slaughter strangers – which they had never seen and which had not twisted their hair. All of this is only possible through the gross manipulation of the masses, lies and deceit.

Real liberals love and support freedom and federalism. So the opposite of the centralists. Liberalism (Latin liber “free”, liberalis “freedom”) is a basic attitude that strives for a free political, economic and social order. In many countries, liberal citizens’ movements gave birth to nation states and democratic systems from centralist dictatorships. The main goal of liberalism is the freedom of the individual, primarily in relation to state governance. It is directed against belief in the state, collectivism, arbitrariness and the abuse of power or rule.

So exactly the opposite of left centralism.

I summarize it like this:
The war, which prevails on earth: Socialism, thus centralism, thus dictatorship (here in Europe it is the EU-Brussels-Deep-State), which wants to rule over all other European countries with foreign judges (abortions up to the 9th month, borderless border openings, abolishing the own identity, destroying the family, gender mania, promoting the foreign and weakening the own), versus federalism, thus freedom (love for the own country, promoting the family, promoting the children, upholding the own culture and tradition). Socialism is always centralism, i.e. dictatorship determined by dictate from outside, i.e. FOREIGN- DETERMINATION – and federalism is always freedom, i.e. SELF-DETERMINATION.

This “war” – this 3rd WK – is a “war” of demonoids versus angelic beings. But only a few people will understand this concentrate correctly. We still have a lot of bridges to build…

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