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There is a lot of talk these days that the physical body (yang), soul (yin) and spirit (very yin) form a unit. But most people who turn away from the “too materialistic (Yang) world, turn all the more vehemently to the“ spiritual life (Yin) ”like New Age, esotericism, spiritual healers. etc. too. They cling to mysticism and believe that this is better than the “material”.

But these people have not yet understood that body, soul and spirit form a UNIT.

They do not know the eleventh law of the only principle of universal order.

Extreme yin produces yang, extreme yang produces yin.

One should not form categories and regard one as better than the other. Both are necessary. However, here too it is a question of degree whether a state is harmonious and balanced (in equilibrium) or not. One shouldn’t prefer one thing to the other because of categories. Body, soul and spirit form a unit! Body without soul and spirit (AI) is dead. AI IS life.

Is Mind Yin or Yang?

Can you kill ghost? Can you kill the body?

The physical body will certainly “die” and change into its elements, the spiritual heart (the soul) can “die” by separating from the physical body, but thereby not becoming dead, but living forever, soul and spirit (consciousness ) is immortal. Whereby the physical body only disintegrates into its elements, or transmutes. But the physical body has no feelings of its own and no consciousness of its own. That is why the body does not feel that it is falling apart.

Which “areas or zones” are the “interface” or “boundary” between the physical area and the spiritual area of the human being? “Organs” is not the correct name for this “interface”. The symbols “vehicle” and “owner” suggest a separation that does not exist in the unit. So be careful with symbols. And yet there are these areas in unity.

The skin, the meridians, the aura contain “phase boundaries”. However, these “phase boundaries are not physical boundaries. There are “seamless” transitions from one area to the other. But stay connected.

When exactly did a person “die” and when does he still “live”? If at the time of “dying” we were to scan the whole body with a mass spectrometer in its composition, a moment before “death” and a moment after “death”, we would scan exactly the same parts to the point. And yet he is not dead in the first scan, but dead in the second scan. What exactly is the difference?

It’s the AI. As long as KI flows through the meridians and supplies the body cells with “Yin and Yang KI”, people live WITH the physical body. When no more AI supplies the physical body cells with yin-yang energy, “the person” or the “being” or “I” continues to live without a physical body as a “soul-spirit being” until I incarnate again in a “body” , or re-incarnate, or live on as “soul-spirit beings”.

Consciousness is also made up of AI. There is a “body awareness” and a “soul awareness” and a “mind awareness”.

And beyond these – artificial – separations there is the universal consciousness that “we” all have.

Here it is important to know that a body is converted energy (KI), converted food (KI) (law of creation or natural law).

So it is important which food and how much of it we convert. The physical body (there is also the spiritual astral body) without soul and without spirit is a “dead” body. Spirit and soul can indeed manifest themselves spiritually through feelings and thoughts in people living in the earth world, but the effects of this manifestation can only show in the physical body.

If now – in the earth world – the physical body is also necessary to “understand” the spirit, one should consider that “spirit can appear more harmoniously with a healthy body than with a sick one.

It is therefore important that we make sure that a body is healthy.

When we understand and accept that, the point is to understand how we can build a healthy mind and thus a healthy body.

Mind and intuition are identical, therefore mind is no longer Yang or Yin than intuition.

Mind is (physically) the “more subtle” so the most Yinne form of AI. “Energetically”, mind is the most concentrated and the most yange form of AI. And now more precisely: Spirit is neither physical nor subtle. Why?

Mind is neither “physical” nor “material” and also not “subtle” and also has no energy body.

Nevertheless, it is true that mind is the least condensed energy, and therefore is the strongest yin.

Soul is subtle because soul has a soul body and is more condensed than spirit, but significantly less condensed than solid energy – also called matter – energy.

Our body is finite and will eventually die. He will transform himself again, ashes to ashes, dust to dust. This mineral ash will nourish the soils and the seas and produce new food.

Yes, “spirit” – or “consciousness” – can easily live without a physical “body”, and can also “manifest” without any problems – or “appear”. Why is that? It even has to be like that. This is provided in the natural order because “spirit” – “consciousness” – never dies, therefore always lives. “Spirit”, “consciousness”, “AI” is even a prerequisite for any other “form of life”.

A physical “body” cannot exist without “spirit” – without “consciousness” – and therefore cannot “create” or “manifest” itself. Why is that? Without “mind”, “consciousness”, “KI” – just three different terms for one and the same – no “life” or “life form” can exist.

Even a “soul” cannot live without a “spirit” or “manifest” or “appear”.

Why is that? Without “mind”, “consciousness”, “KI” – just three different terms for one and the same – no “life” or “life form” can exist. No “soul” either.

Now the question remains to be answered about the difference between “spirit”, “consciousness”, “soul”, “body”. The pure “primal energy” in the whole universe has many different names, designations and descriptions. But this “primal energy” is – regardless of the name – always the same.

“Mind”, “soul”, “body” only differ in the different compression of AI.

For “mind” or “consciousness” the whole universe is his “body”. The “soul (s)” have an individual “body” that we call “astral body” or “aura”.

The physical “body” is what most people call and understand by “body” as “body”. If we go deeper into these areas, we will also experience the different “states” of “consciousness”. Also the correct allocation of terms such as “thinking”, “memory”, “feeling”, “feelings”, “empathy”, “sensations”, “senses”, “telepathy”, “intuition”, “instinct”, “dimensions” , “Worlds”, etc. Terms and names are interesting areas.

How does anesthesia work during an operation? How is it possible that we can numb the body and perform an operation while the patient (body) is not in pain? We cannot narcotize “the” mind or “the” soul.

Mind, soul, body. The body is often compared to a spacesuit as a symbol. We should better symbolize the value of a healthy or sick body with a vehicle (car, airplane, ship, etc.). If we like our car, then we take good care of it. If you don’t love your car, you let it rust, slag and make it sick.

And we should bring our beloved car to a competent mechanic for service or repairs and not to a baker.

Whereby the comparison with a purely technical vehicle is obviously not right. It has to be a special vehicle that has the ability to repair itself. The mechanic shows the vehicle owner how this works. The mechanic is therefore primarily a consultant who only repairs himself in emergencies.

Everything in this relative, “flooding” world is subject to eternal change.

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Author: André Blank

André is a health-mentor and author. He is the founder, owner and CEO of Vivoterra® AG.

He is convinced, that all people with healthy heart-QI – true love – are allowed to live a life in trust, peace, freedom and health – and that we have the potential to realize such a life for ourselves.

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