The satanic carcinogen glyphosate

I look at the hands of a farm worker on a soy plantation in Argentina who uses genetically modified seeds and glyposate. His nails are burned after nine years of work. He also has non-alcoholic cirrhosis of the liver.

I look into the face of a little boy whose parents sprayed pesticides on tobacco fields, his skin is flaky and his eyes are empty.

These are two examples out of the thousands who have come into contact with glyphosate. Malnutrition, disease and miscarriages are on the rise in Argentina. Anyone who thinks Argentina is far wrong, because our native animals from factory farming are fed with soy from Argentina. The focus is on profit not health. According to the molecular biologist Joëlle Rüegg, maximum values lag behind scientific findings.

But what is this glyphosate? It’s a weed killer also called Roundup that a company called Monsanto (producer of genetically modified seeds) launched in the 1970s. It is sprayed on fields to stop wild herbs from spreading. The crops do not die because they have been genetically modified so that they do not suffer any damage. These seeds are also supplied by Monsanto.

But what does it mean that we eat genetically modified plants? What effects do these have on our health and what about the toxins from glyphosate?

The toxins do not break down in the body, but are still passed on to the next generation. This was shown by examinations of urine samples. There are no glyphosate controls on our food. Approval of the agent takes place only after the manufacturer has been informed. The “selling idea” certainly predominates here.

Eating something that is “unnatural” does have an impact on our health. It is not for nothing that various common diseases such as allergies are on the rise.

In addition, the Novomat company recently discovered that the production of vegetable oil from a certain thistle produces an acid and if this is processed it burns the leaves of the unwanted wild plants without being ingested by them. This can bring about a new turning point in terms of natural weed killing in the future.

I recommend the following to minimize pesticide residues:

Buy natural organically grown food, as glyphosate is not permitted in organic farming. Beware of imported goods. Outdated pesticides are used, especially in Asia, which we do not allow for health reasons. Here I only advise organic. Eat varied and regional.

Inquire about the origin of your food. In organic shops there is information about the suppliers. There are farm tours with regional providers.

The secrets of health

Whoever said that the mind is more powerful than the body… Which I also believe… the should also use this spiritual power to keep the body as healthy as possible.

Otherwise this wisdom remains ineffective.

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