The New World Order of Satanic Centralists

The satanic NWO has now become the ONWO (Old New World Order) and is being replaced by natural order. And this change belongs to the real world order. The world order is neither old nor new. It is simply the world order, according to the natural order.

We should avoid these socialist newspeak confusion abbreviations as much as possible in order not to have to explain each of these terms.

We should immediately use the correct term. Better, we just spread and explain NWO – at the beginning with the explanation that the satanic NWO has become OWO – which was successfully stopped. From now on the world order will be determining again according to the version of the angelic beings. In general, we should act less with confusing short forms, and instead use all the words and provide explanations for them.

I can give you the answer to these confusing terms such as “NWO”, “ONWO”, “OWO”, “NO” etc.: Anyone who thinks they can install a “new” world order suffers from illness No. 7 (arrogance and presumptuousness)! There is only one “world order” that functions without errors – and that is the natural order as created by the Great Spirit. Every other “world order” is presumptuous, arrogant and doomed to failure.

The satanic NWO (satanic new world order) is the world order that was installed and ruled by the socialist satanists for the past 2’500 years. From the pharaohs to the kings in the Middle Ages, who degraded all other people to “peasant people” – to the mob.

Again and again one hears the buzzword New World Order from western politicians (mainly American and English) over the manipulation media. Their strongest promoter was Henry Kissinger (quote: “Soldiers are just stupid animals”).

For this they use lies, the spread of epidemics, vaccinations – which in reality sterilize –, drugs, satanic music and sex.

The agenda of this socialist-satanic “New World Order” is summarized in the flagstone of Georgia.

More on this in my book: The Power of Manipulation – From Rhetoric to MK-Ultra

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