The difference between matrix knowledge and nature knowledge

The “matrix” means “template or thought prison”

There are so many definitions of “knowledge”. But it is quite easy to distinguish these different kinds of “knowledge”. The “book knowledge”, the “school knowledge”, the “matrix knowledge” is understood by the “intellect” and is always only theory. The “knowledge of nature”, however, is “life experience” and is “experienced in life” and is “experienced” by the “consciousness” and is practical. The “life experience” is “soul knowledge” and is practical. The “intellectual knowledge” is only theory – and is isolated with no practical value. That is why “life experience” should always be hierarchically above “intellectual knowledge” – and its diplomas.

Powerful illusions that keep you imprisoned in the matrix.

There are at least two types of knowledge. The “nature knowledge” and the “matrix knowledge”. Knowledge of nature is reserved for the self-proclaimed “elites” or the “leaders of the pack”. The matrix knowledge was developed for the lower classes, or “herd animals”. Because real knowledge means freedom, independence, and power.

As you read these lines, think about it: The self-proclaimed elites never let their children watch system media, they send their children to expensive elite and special schools. They never let their children eat such large amounts of bad food.

Do you know why? Because they have access to nature knowledge. The system media and fast food junk is for the masses of sleeping sheep.

If you really want to live free, (reality has a lot to do with action) then you must first recognize what is stopping you from doing this. What is hindering you?

When people are born, they are assigned a social security number by the system immediately after birth, and they receive a birth certificate approved by the system. The person is thereby declared a “person” and thereafter belongs to the system. A “person” is thus no longer free as of his or her birth, as a “human being” always is by nature.

Programs are uploaded onto us, we are forced into the public “education” system, as if into a picture frame, and are “brainwashed” into conforming to the expectations of the system.

The “matrix” means “template or thought prison” and is a combination of philosophies, ideas, institutions, social structures and NWO agendas that are designed to keep our eyes covered and prevent us from seeing our lives for what they really are. Most people are so trapped in the matrix that they think this is the true reality.

The currently ruling historiography is the historiography of those who are currently ruling.
The Bible has also been rewritten countless times. And so there are Bible versions for the insiders and Bible versions for the matrix prisoners.
In the Bible for the matrix herd, Jesus was nailed to the cross and died on the cross for all matrix prisoners.
Also here we have to ask the question: Cui bono? Who benefits from which version?

In the matrix Bible, Jesus is equated with “God”. The important thing is: ONLY Jesus is equated with God. Because of this deliberately false teaching, all matrix people should not even remotely begin to think of also possessing this divine power in their consciousness.

And whoever can correctly interpret the teachings of Jesus and other real masters of the way of life, knows that with every human being the spirit guides the body.

Every human being naturally possesses this power of the spirit, of consciousness as Jesus rightly taught.
Our spirits are much more powerful than most people realize. And those in power are extremely afraid that we will become aware of it.

Likewise, creationism has been replaced by the misguided theory of evolution according to Darwin. The Big Bang theory is also supposed to prevent the matrix prisoners from understanding for themselves how the universe and life work.

Those in the know, however, have always been aware that the universe has not simply been expanding ever since the Big Bang, because this Big Bang never even happened in the first place.

The distances between the galaxies and within the galaxies are also never as infinitely far away as suggested to the matrix prisoners. It is only intended to prevent the matrix herd from wanting to understand the “inconceivable greatness” themselves. We can understand infinity and eternity with our consciousness at least as well as the “experts” who want to describe and define it for us.

In the system schools and system universities we learn everything artificial, but nothing about life itself. We never learn the truth about health. Otherwise, everyone would be able to keep themselves healthy and to heal themselves if they were ever out of balance. Can you make trillions in profits with healthy people? Can you manipulate healthy people and subject them to mind control? Is it possible to put healthy people under such external suggestion that they invade a foreign country and kill foreign people, families and children in the most horrific way?

Can you get healthy people to sit down at a “Hunko” drone PC table and drop thousands of bombs with remote-controlled drones? Why do people do such things? Because they are in a “deep sleep”, under mind control. People who are at peace with themselves and the world, with nature, do not allow themselves to be manipulated like that and sent to war. This is where a rich man says to a poor man, “You go to war for me and kill other people.” A healthy person would immediately say that you must be out of your mind. I most certainly will not do that. Send your kids to do that. Or march yourself into the war to kill people and to burden your karma so badly. Or better yet, don’t do it at all!

So we can only conclude that these people are all under mind control. They don’t understand anything about healthy living. Healthy people are free and less easily manipulated. They have a balance between Yin and Yang, and they are all spiritually awake.

In order to change reality, it is not enough just to think about it or to have a feeling about it. I teach the following conditions, which are absolutely necessary:

  1. Just thinking about it is not enough, we have to BELIEVE it! And that without the slightest doubt!
  2. In addition – and imperative in order to BELIEVE in it – we must also FEEL (sense) it!
  3. Both – BELIEVING AND FEELING – must exist TOGETHER (congruent) and may not contradict each other!

Only when these conditions are fulfilled at the same time, WILL IT BE SO!

BUT even then we still have to know that we don’t just do it once, but until the “universe” or the “universal consciousness” or the “Great Spirit” or “God” also believes that we want exactly THAT.

If you want to break out, then you must first learn what you have to break free from and what you have to liberate yourself from.

We will now – and with “we” I am referring to the people of this planet – increasingly say goodbye to the matrix knowledge and replace our previous knowledge with real knowledge.

  • The Big Bang theory is misguided matrix teaching and is wrong. This Big Bang never happened.
  • The theory of death is misguided matrix teaching and is wrong. There is no such thing as this death.
  • The theory of the three days of darkness is misguided matrix teaching and is wrong. The “three days of darkness” is a natural phenomenon that always recurs when the earth’s axis repositions itself and is harmless to people.
  • The gravity only theory (earth’s gravitational pull) according to Isaac Newton is misguided matrix teaching and is wrong. This false teaching is missing the antagonism of the much more powerful levitation.
  • The theory of linear growth is misguided matrix teaching and is wrong. There is no linear growth in all of nature. Every transformation happens in a spiral and turns into its antagonism.
  • The theory of cell division (“omnis cellula e cellula”) is misguided matrix teaching and is wrong. Nothing can grow through division alone. It is cell germination that enables growth.
  • The theory of cancer cell formation due to viruses is misguided matrix teaching and is wrong. Cancer is just a disease name for a symptom caused by poor diet and lifestyle.
  • The theory about vitamins is misguided matrix teaching and is wrong. Vitamins, like minerals and trace elements, are essential for life in sufficient quantities.
  • The theory about cholesterol is misguided matrix teaching and is wrong. There is no such thing as “bad” cholesterol.
  • The theory about UV rays is misguided matrix teaching and is wrong. UV rays are not harmful to humans, animals or plants.
  • The theory about dairy products and calcium is misguided matrix teaching and is wrong. Dairy products are not recommended for humans.
  • The mass hypnosis and the belief in the interest-based debt-money system is misguided matrix teaching and is wrong. The interest-based debt-money system is leading the people who are being ruled into dependency and misery.
  • The theory about global warming being caused by humans is misguided matrix teaching and is wrong. Global warming – just like the ice ages – are natural processes and are not caused by humans.

The list can still go on and on.

Global warming is caused by humans who are travelling around alone in their cars without picking up any passengers, and this is melting the glaciers and the poles. As a result, sea levels will rise and large areas of land will flood. This is matrix knowledge!

Anyone who understands nature knowledge knows that frozen water (also called ice) has a larger volume than melted water. So, when the poles melt, the sea levels will not rise, but will actually sink. That is nature knowledge!

Every person is of course free to believe what they want. Whatever someone believes, that is also his or her reality. And if this person is content with their world view, then let them have their world view. Do not invest your energy in trying to correct opinions and attitudes that are resistant to advice.

There are two main groups of people:

  1. The group inside the matrix prison, who cannot free themselves or do not want to free themselves.
  2. The group outside the matrix prison, who have already freed themselves.

The 1st group will race into the abyss in this transformation, and the 2nd group will have a great time.

Each and every person is personally responsible for choosing which group he or she belongs to.
It is also up to you to decide with which attitude you will interact with your fellow human beings.

Do you want to be someone who leads by means of nose ringing or do you want to be a master of the path of life? Here, too, how we treat people is crucial. The separation of secret knowledge and matrix knowledge already existed in very early times. Even the pharaohs and kings carefully separated who was allowed to know which knowledge. According to the misguided matrix teaching it is not nature that decides whether a theory is correct, but an ideology.

Jesus was murdered (nailed to the cross) because he taught the “seekers” real knowledge of nature. This knowledge of nature has been suppressed for the last 2,500 years. But before this time, there was a time when this knowledge was available to all people. And now in this transformation this nature knowledge is once again made accessible and revealed to all those who are earnestly seeking. All others will unfortunately remain in the matrix prison. Only those who seek sincerely and with the energy of the heart will deeply understand this knowledge.

There is a method to the disempowerment of the individual by the system. Sooner or later this suspicion creeps up on anyone who simply cannot understand why humankind has not really made any progress in terms of peace, justice, health and happiness for millennia, even though the vast majority of us carry the deep, yearning knowledge within us that the world was actually a paradise, could be a paradise and will once again become a paradise. But since “the year one” progress has been limited to a technique that destroys the planet and makes everything louder and louder, and uglier and darker.

More and more people are waking up. More and more people are communicating. More and more people are standing together instead of standing apart and against each other. The critical mass that was never supposed to form is on the verge of forming. For this, we owe a debt of gratitude to all the people (a minority) of this world who have worked towards this for years, who have endured hard times because of it, who have never lost their courage and who could not be brought down.

The minority I am talking about is big enough if it consists of the square root of 1%. Example: For a city of 1,000,000 people, 100 people are enough.

Why is that? Because the majority of those 1,000,000 people will never all at the same time and without any doubts invest the same thoughts in the same area. However, 100 awakened people can do that. For this, however, it is necessary that this minority simultaneously send the same thoughts into the “sea of all possibilities” – also called collective consciousness – in order to achieve the desired effect. Otherwise these thoughts remain limited to the individual, without the desired effect.

In all areas, it is always the minority that determines what happens.

This is my attitude and interpretation:
The more terror messages are spread, the more fear is created in the minds of people. A lot of people, a lot of minds, a lot of fear. This system is pretty ingenious. The more good news is spread, the more harmony is created in people’s minds. A lot of people, a lot of minds, a lot of harmony. Think carefully about which energy you support and share.

All energy synchronizes with energy of the same frequency. Consequently, the satanic entities need the appropriate energy (in this case fear) to absorb.
This energy is similar to the vibrational pattern of humans’ low emotions, such as fear, frustration, depression.

Why do the system media for the most part only send negative and terrifying messages (which are rearranged anyway)? That’s why it takes people with strong heart Qi, healthy people with clear, upright, and honest minds. We share nature knowledge to help people, to support them and to reunite the one world/family person.

We should make a clear distinction between the different types of laws.
There are the laws of nature and then there are “laws” which have been decided by humans.
The laws of nature are the only true laws.
The “legal laws” passed by people are merely “rules of the game”.
The laws of nature cannot be changed by humans and also cannot be overridden by a decree. The laws of nature apply equally to all people.
However, the “rules of the game” that have been decided by people are arbitrarily supplemented, changed or declared invalid, depending on the group of people that is currently in power.

Yet, the “rules of the game” do not apply to everyone. The decisive factor is whether they are members of the system (rulers with a monopoly of power and immunity from prosecution) or non-system members (those who are being ruled and against whom the monopoly of power is used and who enjoy no immunity from prosecution).

Those who obey the laws of nature with their conscience are always on the right path. Those who obey the “legal rules of the game” with their conscience will fall into the abyss.
Whoever sacrifices freedom to obtain security will lose both in the end. However, trust in the natural order overcomes fear of the abyss.

If a manageable group of people wants to permanently exert power over the great masses, the stability of the system can only be achieved by controlling the most important resource: knowledge!

What the public does not know, nor even suspect, they cannot revolt against. According to this simple principle, the so-called elites have ruled over their respective subjects for thousands of years. It does not matter whether a system calls itself a “democracy” or not. It is always only a very few who determine what is actually officially known. Especially in the field of social research, the elite have an enormous advantage in knowledge over the citizens. Those in power know the essence of “human beings” so well today that they can, and do, dismantle and manipulate them down to the smallest parts. How can it be that in 2016 only eight people are as wealthy as 3.7 billion people, i.e. the poorest half of the planet, and yet everything runs as if this information did not exist. The power system has managed to become almost invisible and to rule. It is active on all levels. Thanks to the information revolution, the cards are being reshuffled. The state, or those who put it together, have lost the monopoly on published knowledge.

Now many will ask, “When will this transformation come? When will it be time?” And many will ask, “Who is responsible for this transformation?” Now answer this question for yourself. So, the transformation is not brought about by science or the pharmaceutical industry, nor by politicians. Governments can enact a law (rules of the game) such as mandatory vaccination and compulsory poisoning, but they cannot change the natural order by law. And no “extraterrestrials” (we humans are all extraterrestrial beings anyway; we come from outside the earth and incarnate here as guests for a short period) can change your life for you. Only you can do that. You yourself must be the change you desire. From the very moment when a person has freed themselves from this fear, the power of the rulers over this person is at an end. For every person who was able to free themselves completely from the matrix prison, this transformation has already happened. Everyone else is still waiting for it.

Everything will now come out into the open at an exponentially fast rate. Exponentially fast in motion and also exponentially as a function.

Many people keep asking me, “Who will win?”
Answer: The darkness cannot be stronger than the light. If we open the door leading from a dark room to a light room, the dark room will become lighter, but the light room will not become darker. So do not place your trust in the power of demons, place your trust in the power of angels. When you close your physical eyes, it becomes dark for the physical eyes. When you open your spiritual eyes, it becomes light even in the darkest of nights. Or have you ever experienced a dream where it was physically completely dark and you were not able to see anything?

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