The CO2 theory is just pure NWO propaganda

Dry air mainly consists of the two gases nitrogen (around 78.08% by volume) and oxygen (around 20.95% by volume). There are also the components argon (0.93 vol .-%), carbon dioxide (0.04 vol .-%) and other gases in traces.

So in summary, our air consists of:

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How about the CO2 now? There is only 0.038% CO2 in the air we breathe! Aha.

Solid and liquid particles, called aerosols, are also components of air. Water and water vapor are on average 0.4% by volume in the entire earth’s atmosphere. These components are listed separately.

Air also contains dust and biological particles (e.g. pollen, fungus and fern spores). In its natural state it is still odorless and tasteless to humans.

As a rule of thumb, the density of air at sea level is only 1/800 that of water – i.e. only 1.25 kg / m3 – and is significantly influenced by temperature, water vapor content and pressure, which decreases with altitude. In compressed air cylinders with typically 4 to 299 bar overpressure, air at 27 ° C has about 5.0065 to 270.5 times the density than below 1 bar.

How high is the proportion of CO2 in the air?

There is only 0.038% CO2 in the air we breathe!

If you want to continue calculating:
We have 0.038% CO2 in the air. Of this nature itself produces about 96%. The rest, i.e. 4%, is the person. That’s 4% of 0.038%, so 0.00152%. Germany’s share of this is 3.1%. Thus, Germany affects the CO2 in the air with 0.0004712%.

How important is CO2 for nature and people?
With the increase in CO2, the earth has become considerably greener for thirty years – CO2 has the most important part in the lush plant growth – “One should be grateful for the many additional leaves” – The possible consequences of greening – “We still need this kind of ‘pollution’ much more”

The increasing CO2 content in the atmosphere stimulates plant growth. CO2 is CO2, the plants don’t care where the gas they need comes from.

The earth has become significantly greener in the last thirty years
Since the beginning of the industrial revolution, the concentration of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere has increased by more than 40 percent. There is much speculation about the negative effects of this development. For plants, algae and many photosynthetically active bacteria, the CO2 in the air is the basis for building high-energy carbohydrates, i.e. for the survival of these plants. For these living beings, an increased proportion of carbon dioxide in the earth’s atmosphere should have a correspondingly positive effect, for example in lush growth. An international research group led by Shilong Piao from the University of Beijing has now confirmed that the earth has indeed become considerably greener in the past thirty years.

The increase in CO2 has the most important part in the abundant plant growth
As the scientists now report in the journal Nature Climate Change (doi: 10.1038 / Nclimate 3004), when comparing the data with the models, it turned out that the increase in the proportion of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere played the most important role in the lush growth . Between 1982 and 2009, the average CO2 concentration in the air increased by 46 ppm (parts per million particles). In the opinion of the researchers, almost three quarters of the increased plant growth can be attributed to this increased proportion of carbon dioxide. Another ten percent of the growth spurt was due to improved nitrogen fertilization in agricultural soils. The rest is due to variations in weather conditions, but also to changes in the use of agricultural land.

One should be grateful for the many additional leaves
Global carbon uptake has doubled over the past 50 years. CO2 increases the efficiency of water consumption considerably. Increased CO2 fertilization enables plants to take more carbon from the air during photosynthesis – to lose less water – or both. Photosynthesis is the process that converts sunlight and nutrients in the soil into sugars, which drive life. Many plants can also tolerate heat much better when the CO2 level is higher, a fact that has been confirmed by satellite observations of deserts and savannas, where the increase in greening is more evident than in wet areas.

The possible consequences of greening
Lead author Zaichun Zhu from Peking University told the BBC, Bell told the BBC that the greening discussed in this study has the potential to fundamentally change the cycle of water and carbon in the climate system. In many areas of the world, a warmer planet will result in more precipitation and longer growing times. This, in turn, leads to fewer deaths from starvation and winter hypothermia. And yes, even if it hasn’t been seen in the recent past, climate change is very real. Despite a “record high” atmospheric CO2 level, apart from the El Nino temperature peaks in 1998 and 2015, according to satellite measurements, there has been no statistically significant global warming for almost two decades. Nonetheless, this ‘standstill’ occurs within almost two centuries of a natural warming trend that was already under way when fossil fuels were burned and SUVs were developed during the Industrial Revolution.

We need a lot more of this type of “pollution”
Bell quotes Jesse Asubel, the director of the Program for the Human Environment at Rockefeller University. He outlines this perspective: “Global greening is the most important ecological trend on earth today. The mainland biosphere is expanding by two billion tons every year – maybe even more. Bell’s final comment: “So we need a lot more of this type of“ pollution ”.

The self-proclaimed elites want to restrict people’s freedom more and more with all their might. Diesel vehicles are to be banned. Why don’t you want to ban the cruise ships which nobody really needs? A cruise ship is as dirty as 22 million VW Passats!

The CO2 lie is another means of imprisoning people, disenfranchising them and cupping them with protection money – also known as taxes.

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