The climate lie of the self-proclaimed rip-off elite

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The global warming caused by people with their individual traffic, driving a car, is melting the glaciers and poles. As a result, sea levels will rise and large areas of land will be flooded. This is matrix knowledge!

Anyone who understands knowledge of nature knows that frozen water (also called ice) has a larger volume than melted water. So when the pole melts, sea levels will not rise, but will stay the same. In addition, only about 10% of the ice is above the water surface. That is nature knowledge!

Of course, everyone can believe what they want. What someone believes is also his reality. And if this person is content with their world view, then let them have their world view. Do not invest your energy in correcting advice-resistant opinions and attitudes.

When the poles melt (the Arctic consists almost entirely of ice), the following happens: Poles melt, density of an iceberg: less than the density of “normal” water (fresh water). Icebergs consist largely of frozen fresh water with a very low salt content.

Density of sea water? Denser than fresh water. Yes.
This means: when an iceberg melts, the water that was previously ice has a lower density and takes up less space than before when it was frozen. Here the sea level would even drop. If the sea were made up of fresh water, which it doesn’t, since sea water has a higher density than the fresh water of the icebergs, it would rise again when the fresh water of the icebergs flows into the sea. The bottom line, when ice becomes fresh water and mixes with salt water, results in a rise in sea level of around 50 micrometers per year (0.05 mm) if all the icebergs continue to melt at this rate. Since most of the ice field was already in the water, not a millimeter will change at sea level.

And how about the glaciers?
When ice melts within the oceans, it does not increase the volume of water. It always stays the same size. When water outside the oceans – from melted ice in the glaciers and through rain – enters the oceans via streams and rivers, the volume of water increases by the amount of water that flows into the oceans. But at the same time, a lot of water always evaporates again. How much more water flows into the balance than evaporates, I cannot say. That also depends on the respective climate. But what I can say is that no water on this earth is created additionally by melting and no water on this earth is lost through evaporation. So the total amount of water always remains the same. Only the local distribution changes.

Why doesn’t the puppet media tell that the big corporations are mainly responsible for the pollution? Isn’t it the job of the media – to inform people correctly and truthfully? The media princes are top-tier criminals. They lie to people wherever they touch their skin. Where? Where it touches the skin. So everywhere? The skin covers the body everywhere. So everywhere – anywhere!

Climate change versus climate catastrophes
Climate changes are natural – climate disasters are not! These climate disasters are not natural and not man-made. These climate catastrophes are deliberately caused as weapons of war by the “satanic deep state monsters” – whom I call not humans, but monsters and beasts. This includes chemtrails, HAARP, and now also 5G. Why don’t I call these monsters humans? What makes a person? Above all his empathy – his heart QI. Demons and deep state monsters have no empathy. Criminals who harm people and nature to such an extent have no empathy, no heart QI, so they are not people.

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author: André Blank

André is a health-mentor and author. He is the founder, owner and CEO of Vivoterra® AG.

He is convinced, that all people with healthy heart-QI – true love – are allowed to live a life in trust, peace, freedom and health – and that we have the potential to realize such a life for ourselves.

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