The big manipulation with the dietary supplements

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Using the example of an article, I’ll be happy to show you to what extent manipulation is taking place.

Title: Lung Cancer Risk – Vitamin B Pills Can Be Harmful.

Mirror online:

Those who take vitamin tablets want to do something good for themselves: prevent deficiency symptoms, strengthen the body’s defenses, prevent diseases.

My answer:

Anyone who takes any vitamin tablets is not doing themselves any good. It also depends on which products you choose and whether you dose correctly.

Mirror online:

However, the pills do not always have the desired effect, in some cases they can even be harmful. This is also suggested by a study published by researchers from Taiwan and the USA in the Journal of Clinical Oncology. According to their data, men who specifically took vitamin B6 or B12 had an increased risk of lung cancer. This connection was not found in women.

Contrary to what is sometimes assumed, the vitamin B supplements do not protect against lung cancer, but can even be harmful, writes the team led by Chi-Ling Cheng from the University of Taiwan in Taipei. However, multivitamin supplements did not increase the risk of lung cancer.

My answer:

I don’t believe these bought studies which are paid for by the pharmaceutical cartels? If you smuggle vitamin preparations into your body which contain genetically modified substances, beef bones, sugar and artificial sweeteners – then you shouldn’t be surprised if your body shows symptoms. All other factors such as diet and lifestyle are completely excluded here. How do these test subjects eat, where and how do they live.

Mirror online:

The scientists evaluated data from around 77,000 people living in Washington State who were between 50 and 76 years old at the start of the study. The participants indicated which vitamin supplements they had taken in the past ten years. On average, participants swallowed more B vitamins than recommended by US guidelines. In addition, the scientists collected numerous other information such as height, age, diet, level of education, alcohol consumption and medical history and determined whether the participants smoked or smoked. These data were later included in the calculations.

My answer:

If these scientists surveyed nutrition – they should point it out too. I can tell you exactly which foods cause cancer. And they raised whether they smoked or smoked. Did you also explain that there are no white non-smoking lungs and also no black smoking lungs? Did you explain here that smoking natural tobacco even protects against lung cancer? No, they do not have. Intermediate question: Why is only the tobacco industry being fought so massively and the sugar industry not? Whoever believes in “coincidence” …

Mirror online:

No warning against multivitamin mixes

For an average of six years, the researchers followed how the participants fared. 808 of them developed lung cancer during this period – around one percent.

Men who took vitamins B6 and B12 – as a single preparation and not just in a multivitamin mix – had an increased risk of lung cancer. Anyone who took a high dose (at least 20 milligrams of B6 or 55 micrograms of B12 daily) for ten years, their risk was approximately doubled.

Of the men who did not take any vitamin supplements, around 1.2 percent developed lung cancer during their study period. Among those with the highest vitamin B6 consumption it was 1.9 percent, with the highest B12 consumption 2.2 percent.

My answer:

These studies and texts are simply fakenews to discourage people from consuming healthy dietary supplements.

Mirror online:

Who paid for it?
The US National Institutes of Health supported the work financially.

My answer:

By now at the latest it should be clear to everyone – which side these people are playing on. They belong to the NWO, UN and WHO organizations that want to force people to get vaccinated. The same people want to tell you what’s good for you.

Mirror online:

In a press release from his institute, study author Theodore Brasky from Ohio State University emphasizes that the identified risk applies to vitamin doses that are far higher than when taking a daily multivitamin mix.

My answer:

Simply because they want you to dose so deeply – that the products are ineffective. Healthy people are not profitable for the current system. Healthy people think for themselves – sick people are dependent and controlled by others.

Mirror online:

Not everyone needs vitamin pills

“This is another study that shows that vitamin preparations and dietary supplements shouldn’t simply be taken without their will,” comments Tilman Kühn, head of the Nutrition Epidemiology Group at the German Cancer Research Center. “Such a supplementation is only recommended if there is actually a deficiency – which is not the case in the general population with either vitamin B6 or B12.”

My answer:

No, don’t take it without will – but follow these fakenews without will – they would like that.

“Such a supplementation is only recommended if there is actually a deficiency – which is not the case in the general population with either vitamin B6 or B12.”

That’s quite simply a lie. The soil is empty, the vegetables and fruits overgrown and contain far too few nutrients. The healthy bitter substances and the healthy fruit acids were bred out.

Mirror online:

The researchers cannot conclusively explain why the risk of lung cancer increased in men but not in women. They suspect that various metabolic processes, in which male sex hormones are also involved, play a role.

My answer:

Of course they can’t explain it because it’s not the truth. The thing about hormones in men is this: testosterone levels drop 1.4% every year. The sperm count has more than halved in the last 40 years. Men have far too few male hormones (testosterone) and far too many female hormones (estrogens) and are becoming more and more effeminate and feminized. But that is also part of the plan of the self-proclaimed elite.

What should you look out for when buying nutritional supplements:

Free from phthalates (plasticizers)

All cans (packaging) must be free from phthalates. They must be made of PET and HDPE, which are harmless to health.

When buying food supplements, always make sure that the packaging is not made of polycarbonate, PVC or polystyrene. These contain the phthalate bisphenol A, which can be released into the contents of the can. Phthalates are compounds that are problematic for health, as they act like hormones and cause, for example, infertility, obesity and diabetes in men.

In addition, all natural food supplements must be GMO-free, free from animal testing and of course correctly dosed!

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