Thanks to my father and path master

My father Erwin Blank is also my path master and mentor, who taught me everything. Without him I could never have found and walked this path. With him I went through the school of “no”, which every inner student (Uchi-Deshi) goes.

The school of “no” means always thinking for yourself and studying more deeply yourself. The master does not give you the fish. He gives you the net to catch the fish yourself. That is the real teaching. If you don’t study seriously, you become a phonograph.

My father taught me the natural order and the order in the universe with the compass of InYology as holistically and paid attention to the details as one can imagine. Among all the path-masters, I don’t know a single one who has studied and lived in yology as intensively as he has for so long.

I have studied his teaching intensively for decades – in practice and theory – and I am still studying it – so that I could declare it my teaching – and now I can continue to teach it.

One of the most important lessons from my sensei is: “We shouldn’t just look to see whether a technique works, we should always check whether the attitude behind it is right. Posture is more important than technique. And the most important part of the whole teaching is the teaching of true faith ”.

His greatest success: As a single father, he successfully led 3 children (Sonja, André, Martin) into self-employment. We are all deeply grateful to him!

Ku soku ze Shiki> Shiki soku ze Ku >

One won = one lost / one lost = one won

His true calling is to study, practice and pass on SEN-DO.

Its task is to show the honest seeker the way through this universal change …


InYology - The detailed teaching of Yin and Yang

InYology is a magical compass to understand the laws of nature and the order in the universe.

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