Spiritual awakening – what does it take?

More and more people are waking up. More and more people are communicating. More and more people stand with each other, to each other, instead of apart, against each other. The critical mass that was never supposed to form is on the verge of forming.

The minority I am talking about is big enough if it consists of the square root of 1%. Example: For a city of 1’000’000 people, 100 people are enough – provided that all 100 act at the same time and with the same attitude.

Why is that? Because the majority of those 1’000’000 people will never all at the same time and without any doubts invest the same thoughts in the same area. However, 100 awakened people can do that. For this, however, it is necessary that this minority simultaneously send the same thoughts into the “sea of all possibilities” – also called collective consciousness – in order to achieve the desired effect. Otherwise these thoughts remain limited to the individual, without the desired effect.

A law of nature teaches:
It is always and in all areas a minority that determines what happens.

It takes 1’000 people for a city of 1’000’000 people to wake up. Have the 1,00 per city not yet been reached for the great transformation?

These 1’000 would have to meditate at the same time and also send the same message.

This is the only way to create this effective group QI. If these conditions are not met, it remains 1’00 dispersed single QI. I alone can reach my loved ones with my Heart QI – immediately and at any place – and achieve the felt effect. But my loved ones are not 1’000’000.

Gregg Braden has practiced this experiment several times with 1’00 people and has been able to measure the effect. It works – but only if the conditions are met.

I don’t have to free everyone on my own. My minority is enough to teach a small majority the right way. And of these students, only a tiny minority will again reach the path master level in order to continue teaching the doctrine themselves. That’s always been enough.

The effect should not be underestimated because it does not work linearly, but exponentially.

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