Vivoterra Affiliate Program

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What promotional material is available to me?
There are banners and partner links available for your website, as well as your partner ID to create affiliate links that also work without your own website.

My address or bank details have changed.
Please inform us of your change by email to: With.

How are the customers that I have referred registered to my partner network ID?
Customers who land at our shop via your partner links and who buy something will add your partner ID to the shopping cart so that we can clearly assign the purchases to you.

Do I get a commission when I refer new partners?
We do not work according to a “pyramid system”. Such a distribution channel would make our products considerably more expensive or we would have to compromise on the high quality in order to be able to retain our prices.

Do I need my own website?
Affiliate marketing is also possible without having your own website. Your partner ID can also be used to create affiliate links that work without you needing your own website. You can use these links on your social media profiles, for example.

You can find a short guide to the VIVOTERRA partner program here as a PDF download (approx. 1 MB).

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