Primary food and secondary food

Just as the human being as a whole living being consists of a physical body (called body) and a spiritual body (called soul) and a spiritual body (called consciousness), every living being consists of these three parts. But every living being on a different and species-appropriate level of development.

We need to be aware that when we eat food, we are not only eating the physical part of the food, but also the emotional and spiritual part.

So, for example, when we eat meat from animals that have suffered, we also absorb this soul energy into us.

Whether the suffering soul of the slaughtered cattle is “eaten” or whether a prayer before the meal can end the suffering of the soul, we should study more deeply until we understand. And then act that way. Anyone who does not act in this way has understood nothing.

There are two areas to differentiate:

The physical area with the stress hormones that remain in the meat and are “eaten”.

Secondary food energy

sekund%c3%a4r nahrung energie

The spiritual or mental area that we do not physically “eat”. But we receive the information of the animal soul from it, unconsciously, or ideally consciously, spiritually. This also applies to plants.

Primary food energy

prim%c3%a4r nahrung energie

Here we also have to understand: Either we eat primary food. This means that we eat the plants (chlorophyll) and use them to form our blood (hemoglobin). Or we eat secondary food. This means that the cow eats the plant / grass (chlorophyll), the cow forms its own blood (hemoglobin) from it and we eat the cow. The cow did the work for us, the transmutation process in her own body from chlorophyll-green to hemoglobin-red. Quite simply from yin to yang.

When we eat plants, the body has to work harder to produce human cells from the plant cells (primary food). If we eat food that is close to human evolution in macro-evolution, such as warm-blooded meat, then the body needs little effort to transform this food into blood cells, because warm-blooded animals transmutation of plants into blood cells Have already done blood. That is why it is secondary food. The body becomes sluggish.

The main food for people in temperate climates should consist of primary food and only a small part of secondary food. The Inuit are exempt from this rule because little primary food grows in their icy environment. There are both variants of the animals. There are animals that are mainly herbivores and there are predators that are mainly carnivores.

Of the seven basic colors – brown, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet – brown has the longest wavelength and is comparatively yang. The opposite colors – purple, blue, and green – have shorter wavelengths and are cooler, so we classify them as comparatively yin. Whereby “white” has most of the yang and “black” most of the yin, in this classification are not counted as colors. Red is the color of the more Yang-stressed animal kingdom and is easily recognizable from the color of the blood. On the other hand, the green chlorophyll is the basis of the plant kingdom.

Food embodies the process by which we convert green, plant life into red, animal blood. This happens because of the ability to convert magnesium (Mg), which lies in the center of the chlorophyll molecule, into iron (Fe), which forms the basis of hemoglobin.

The process of becoming human is the transformation of green, plant life into human blood and human body cells. Cancer shows the reverse process when cells in the body break down, often creating a greenish shade on the skin.

We are what we eat. We don’t just take in and metabolize the food we eat. Metabolism means nothing else than “changing substance”, or converting an element into another element, or transmuting. The “substance” vegetables, which are green, cold and yin and contain a lot of chlorophyll, are converted or transmuted in our human body to the next “substance” hemoglobin, which is warm, red and yang.

Man (hemoglobin) – red and yang, is transformed food. Man is an “all-eater” but he should mainly eat plants (chlorophyll) – green and yin. The plant – green and yin, feeds on the earth – brown and yang (minerals). The soul of the food is contained in food. The souls of animals are contained in the blood. That is why people should eat as little blood or animals as possible as food.

The “heaven” is symbolically the father and the earth is symbolically the mother of men.

The secrets of health

Whoever said that the mind is more powerful than the body… Which I also believe… the should also use this spiritual power to keep the body as healthy as possible.

Otherwise this wisdom remains ineffective.

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