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The body is made up of over 70 percent fluid. Hence, dehydration can pose a serious threat to health. When the temperature rises and you lose a lot of water through sweating, here are some tips to keep your body from becoming dehydrated:

Drinking a lot is a must when it’s hot
We sweat more than usual, especially in very hot weather. With profuse sweating and insufficient fluid intake, fatigue, headaches, a feeling of weakness or even concentration and reaction weakness quickly develop. These signs could indicate impending dehydration. By the way, you lose fluid through your skin even if you do not sweat or sweat a little. If you fail to respond to the symptoms of dehydration, you can quickly develop digestive problems. In severe cases, kidney damage can even be the result.

Drinking enough is a must to balance your fluid needs! You should listen to your thirst, because the need for fluids is different for everyone. Someone who sits in the air-conditioned office (3L) all day needs less fluid than a road worker (6L) who stands on the glowing asphalt or a cyclist on the Tour de France (10L). When do you know if you have drunk enough? You can pay attention to the color of your urine. The general rule is: if the urine is light, you have usually drunk enough, but if it is dark, you should drink fluids. This rule is basically good. However, who takes dietary supplements how; Vitamin of the B group (carotenoids), turmeric etc. which color the urine dark yellow – cannot rely on this rule. Then it also depends on how much salt you consume throughout the day.

Cold things make you sweat even more
In addition to mineral water, apple spritzer or unsweetened teas are also suitable. Ice-cold drinks have a negative effect on your body. The body always tries to create a balance (homeostasis) – if you drink ice-cold drinks, firstly it cools the kidneys and secondly the body will stimulate heat production. You then sweat even more – and thereby lose even more water.

Dehydration can be dangerous for everyone, but especially people with heart problems should be very careful with their daily fluid intake in the heat. It is not uncommon for sweating and the associated release of important minerals from the body to have serious consequences such as circulatory collapse or cardiac arrhythmias.

In any case, it is important to drink more in summer temperatures and to keep your head cool.

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