InYology – The laws of nature and the order in the universe

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Number of pages: 912
Size: 20.00 cm x 27.00 cm
Weight: 2.376 kg
ISBN: 978-3-907212-10-3
1st edition 2021


This comprehensive book is an extraordinary work in that it provides a complete and practice-orientated depiction of the detailed teaching of Yin and Yang. InYology is the study of Yin and Yang. The teaching of the Laws of Nature or the order of the universe.

In is the Japanese term for the Chinese word Yin.
Yo is the Japanese term for the Chinese word Yang.

InYology is of invaluable worth for all people dealing with health, consciousness, and the Laws of Nature. InYology is a magical compass needed to understand the Laws of Nature and the order of the universe.

What does this book for me?

The InYology book is a treasure trove of knowledge covering more than 912 pages, and containing over 80 color drawings, graphs and helpful tables.

This book truly adds value to your life. Someone who knows the laws of nature can live in harmony with nature and that signifies trust, health, freedom, and love. Someone who does not know the laws of nature, or who disregards them, is very likely to fall ill – be it physically, mentally, or spiritually – and to live in fear and under the control of outside influences.

People who understand the InYology, can independently change their condition from sick to healthy – physically, mentally, and spiritually. Do you know a greater gift? A greater gift is only life itself!

If you also want to fully understand this natural order, then gift yourself – and your loved ones – this treasure trove filled with unique nature knowledge, and buy this book now directly from the Vivoterra Shop!

book title: inyology - the detailed teaching of yin and yang

About the author

The author André Blank is the founder, owner and CEO of Vivoterra® AG. André is convinced that we all deserve a life of freedom, happiness, vitality and contentment – and that we have the potential to realize it for ourselves.

About the author

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