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In this course you will learn how to strengthen your awareness, improve your health and activate your self-healing powers. Through this course you can move every aspect of your life for a better one.

Start the adventure with us and get to know and understand the forgotten natural principles and the truth about health and joie de vivre

What you will learn in this online course

Discover your self-healing power

We humans have our own “natural doctor”, called a soul, who correctly understands the warning signals, called symptoms, and can compensate for them with our own “natural pharmacy”.

Be your creator

For the majority, fantasy is just a pipe dream, just as they don’t see dreams as reality. For me, however, fantasy and dreams are reality. “Reality” is foreign suggestion and “reality” is auto-suggestion.

Know your beliefs

We humans are creator beings. With this course you can learn – among many other things -: How do I activate my own creative power so that I can determine my life in every area myself.

Our job is to be a crucial source of knowledge in improving your health, well-being and happiness. And through this process, we are also transforming the world in which we live.

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The principle of our course

Learning guidance right from the start

For a quick, safe entry into self-study

You will receive learning instructions together with the first script. This is extremely practical as it helps you plan your self-study successfully at home.

You can also use it to learn various effective techniques to permanently memorize the script contents.

Tips and motivations also contained therein ensure successful self-study.

Applicable knowledge

Applicable material for your daily practice

In addition to extensive specialist knowledge, the learning scripts contain numerous practical exercises and applications. In addition, you will find step-by-step programs for the procedure for self-healing and all the questionnaires required for the current state assessment and diagnosis.

For your self-healing, you also get many tables and checklists that you can use in daily practice.

Guaranteed learning success

Effective review of your learning progress

The learning scripts contain tasks for self-examination according to the requirements of brain-friendly learning, tasks and exercises for self-reflection.

A glossary to explain all technical terms and detailed lists with further literature and internet addresses is also helpful for you. The documents for the online course also contain findings, images and other illustrative material from practice.

Online self-healing course

As a graduate of the Vivoterra course, you will receive the knowledge you need to activate your own creativity and achieve holistic health.

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The 13 valuable modules of our course

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Module 1: Basics of self-healing

One thing should be clear to us: we can only harvest exactly what we have previously sown. So we shouldn’t ask the doctors and the pharmaceutical industry what can you do for me. We should ask ourselves, what can I do for nature, because nature gives me back exactly what I have sown in nature before.

modul 2 die bedeutung der ernaehrung

Module 2: The Importance of Diet

Everything is food and food is everything! Our food makes our blood. Our blood makes our cells. Our cells make up our organs. And backwards: Our organs cannot be healthier than the cells that make up the organs. Our cells cannot be healthier than the blood these cells make. Our blood cannot be healthier than the food that our blood makes. Our food cannot be healthier than our consciousness which chooses food.

modul 3 ernaehrungsphysiologie

Module 3: Nutritional Physiology

If we understand how our body works, we can also understand which foods to avoid and which foods to consume more. In this module you will learn everything about metabolism, macronutrients, blood sugar regulation, glycemic index, fats, proteins and proteins, micronutrients such as vitamins, trace elements, fiber, ferments and enzymes, secondary plant substances, natural knowledge, water and salt.

modul 4 die praesenz des immunsystems

Module 4: The presence of the immune system

We have to process everything that we let into our body. If we let healthy products into our bodies, it makes sense and we can utilize as much of them as possible and derive healthy benefits from them. If we smuggle noxae (poisons) into our body, we can be happy when these poisons leave our body again without causing damage. We cannot block something.

modul 5 saeuren und basen

Module 5: Acids and Bases

In this module you will learn everything about acids and bases. We must clearly distinguish between the original state of food before digestion and the actual state after digestion. It is important for the organism whether a food is acid-forming or base-forming and not the acid or base content before digestion. That is real nature knowledge! No disease can survive in an alkaline environment. Unfortunately, this knowledge was not and is not taught by the system media, nor in schools and universities. In general, no real “nature knowledge” is taught in “matrix knowledge”. The solution is that simple.

modul 6 inyologie die detailiierte lehre von yin und yang

Module 6: InYology – The teaching of Yin and Yang

InYology is a magical compass for understanding the laws of nature and the order in the universe. Whoever understands InYology understands the natural laws of life. InYology is the surest compass for properly understanding the laws of how life works. Anyone who understands inYology sufficiently can heal their condition from sick to healthy independently – physically, mentally and spiritually. Do you know a greater benefit? There is really no greater benefit! We can only reap what we sow beforehand. I think understanding the laws of nature is one of the fundamentals of understanding life.

modul 7 die macht des bewusstseins

Module 7: The Power of Consciousness

In this module you will learn – among many other things: How do I activate my own creativity so that I can determine my life in every area myself. We “are” infinite consciousness. That is too imprecise and I have to correct it. The choice of words must be very precise in order for the teaching to be correct. It is correct: we all “have” infinite consciousness. Why am I correcting this word? Because we are more than consciousness and more than the sum of its parts. In this earth world we are body, soul and spirit. In the spiritual world we live without a physical body. There we are mind and soul – or consciousness with a spiritual soul body.

modul 8 matrix versus natur wissen

Module 8: Matrix knowledge versus knowledge of nature

In this module you will learn very different examples of how and where manipulation takes place. You will learn which manipulation techniques are used and how you can expose them. There are at least two types of knowledge. The “nature knowledge” and the “matrix knowledge”. Knowledge of nature is reserved for the self-proclaimed “elites” – the rulers. The matrix knowledge is for the ruled, the lower classes, or “human-cattle” as Henry Kissinger called them. Because real knowledge means freedom, independence and power.

modul 9 natuerliche rhetorik erkennen

Module 9: Recognizing manipulative rhetoric

If you are a good rhetorician, you can convince people, give speeches, the audience will be happy to follow you and your content will stay in people’s mind – both in front of an audience at a presentation, this is called monological, as well as in a conversation and at a Negotiation. This is called dialogic. Why do we need strong rhetoric for self-healing? The correct answer is: Strong rhetoric is good for our self-confidence. When we study rhetoric, we recognize manipulation from the outside much better. Letting yourself be manipulated means letting yourself be poisoned. There is either external control or self-determination. Choose yourself!

modul 10 natuerliche rhetorik

Module 10: Natural Rhetoric

What is natural rhetoric? For me, natural means, belonging to nature, describing facts occurring in nature, not artificially copied by humans, resulting from the laws of nature, corresponding to the model in reality. Is criticism also part of natural rhetoric? Yes – very clearly. We have to distinguish between criticism and defamation. Criticism is aimed at the cause, defamation at people. Criticism is based on arguments, defamation works with a defamation vocabulary. It makes a difference whether criticism is constructive – helping – or destructive – destructive. Bad rhetoric poisons – good rhetoric detoxifies and helps point the right way.

modul 11 der 5 bereiche plan zur selbstheilung

Module 11: The 5-area plan for self-healing

If you go to the doctor with the attitude that your doctor, the “outside” makes you healthy again, it will not work. Nobody can heal you from the outside. Nobody can heal on your behalf. I support you so that your self-healing powers are activated again and can work. As an honest advisor, I’ll show you how to heal yourself and not how to suppress or hide your symptoms. In this module you will learn how you can develop yourself towards holistic health with the 5-area plan.

modul 12 dein entgiftungsplan

Module 12: The detox, nutritional and vital substances plan

In this module you will learn how to detoxify independently, correctly and cyclically. We are exposed to such levels of environmental toxins nowadays that we have no chance of avoiding them. That is why it is so important to cleanse the body regularly. The worse the poisoning, the more effective the detox? Not more effective. But it shows up all the more violently in the detoxification reaction. If you decide to detox (body, soul and spirit) then you should do it correctly and with the appropriate knowledge.

modul 13 relaxing taiso

Module 13: Relaxing Taiso

Purification and strengthening of body, soul and spirit. Relaxing Taiso ™ is a concept developed by André Blank with the most effective strengthening, relaxation and energizing exercises that understand body, soul and spirit as one unit. By learning the exercises, you will be able to apply what you have learned step by step. Cleansing and strengthening body, soul and spirit is at the same time healing of body, soul and spirit. How important is physical training for self-healing? Very important!