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Errors, half-truths and conscious manipulation

10 ppm are more effective than 25 ppm?
This is not an error, but rather a deliberate and commercial falsehood.

While this suggestion is not exactly new, the belief in it persists. And at first glance, the arguments are supposedly convincing. But only at first glance. If you take a closer look at this argument, you can quickly see where the hare is going.
The particles serve as the reason again. It is assumed that particles gradually enlarge with longer production times. And that serves to assert that in 25 ppm the particles are already so large that their total surface is smaller than that of all particles in 10 ppm!

What is actually happening?
Those who make this claim also invariably work with electrolysis devices such as the Ionic pulser. The inclined reader now knows from our principles outlined above that from the anode only Silver ions be solved.
To repeat : Of these Silver ions a few are reduced to atoms at the cathode, some of which in turn form weak bonds with so-called particles.
This process increases with increasing concentration. This means that more bonds are formed, so more particles are created. Of course, more atoms will now be found in a particle. But we’re talking about individual atoms here!

It can therefore be doubted that the size difference of the particles between 10 ppm and 25 ppm can be measured at all!
This has nothing to do with the erroneous claim that whole particles are leached out of the anode.

What is actually the purpose?
The claim mentioned at the beginning is mostly made by companies that only send ready-made solutions. At this point at the latest you should be very careful! Since the particle growth described also takes place a certain time after production, the question now arises, what happens if the colloidal silver is shipped for 2, 3 or 4 days?
At this point it remains to be noted that it is, above all, many times easier and cheaper to produce only 10 ppm than higher concentrations. Not to mention, just watch potential customers get lost by making their own colloidal silver!

The whole discussion about particle sizes is wrong
Apart from the arguments mentioned, this whole particle discussion is pretty nonsensical, because that’s what works Silver ions and not particles. That has been emphasized often enough by now. And Ions are much smaller than the smallest particles and their size is also constant – at any concentration! How many ions are now also released from the particles is completely irrelevant, because the decisive amount is created during production!

Which silver solution is now the more effective?
From what has been said so far it is clear – they are Not 10 ppm more effective than 25 ppm, rather the solution that is most positively charged Contains silver ions .

And since you can safely assume that in 25 ppm significantly more Ions are contained than in 10 ppm.

As already shown in the basics mentioned above, the construction of a reliable electrolysis device is anything but a gimmick. Nevertheless, equipment is offered on the Internet which you should definitely keep your hands off!

A simple power supply, sometimes also a whole battery block, with a following silver wire can solve silver, but since there is no regulation, there is no way to estimate the silver release. Even an upstream resistor does not change this.

Initially, due to the low conductivity of the demineralized (distilled) water, only a little silver is dissolved. The dissolved silver continuously increases the conductivity, more silver can be dissolved, which further increases the conductivity, etc. etc. And so the silver release rocks to unknown heights.
In order to avoid this scenario, a resistor is usually connected upstream. But that only reverses the whole evil. Because the resistance now also increases the already very high resistance of the water, so that there is no longer any silver release.

Colloidal silver must not contain ions
This statement can be traced back to the wrong concept of colloidal silver. In theory, colloidal silver consists of particles that are found in water as a dispersant. In this respect, this statement is true.
In practice, however, it’s about Ionic Colloidal Silver. On the one hand because silver ions have the required effect, on the other hand because silver always releases ions in an aqueous environment. Apart from the fact that there can be no colloidal silver without ions, such a would be completely ineffective.

Is the profit above the truth?
It has already been mentioned elsewhere that there may be applications in which a pure silver colloid is important. For example the surface treatment of materials. In all other areas the presence of silver ions is essential.
The really absurd thing is that the above statement mostly comes from providers who offer their silver solution for purposes where the effect of the silver ions is important. If a method is used here in which there are actually hardly any silver ions at the beginning, such as stirring in silver powder, then this would be a completely ineffective liquid for most applications.
As a rule, however, colloidal silver is also produced by them electrolytically. In this case, the untruth is simply asserted.

Since these facts have long been evident, one almost inevitably comes to the suspicion that such allegations are trying to denigrate the competition in order to derive commercial benefit from them.

So much for the quote from “”

Now I’ve been told that others warn: no way Jonen! The ions are deposited in the tissue and one does not know the long-term effect …

My answers to this:

  1. Almost all products – especially the colloidal products – contain ions. It is crucial to know when we need (+) charged ions and when (-) charged ions. The effect in the organism is different.
  2. All jones – whether (+) jones or (-) jones – can be neutralized!
  3. “One” does not know the long-term effects. That’s wrong. Since this knowledge has been part of empirical medicine for hundreds of years, the long-term effect is very well known.

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