My therapy concept

André Blank

Balanced Health is a consulting concept developed by me, which understands body, soul and spirit as one unit. Your mind (your awareness) guides your body. What you BELIEVE, the state of your awareness and your attitude, will also determine your reality. I am convinced that we all deserve a life characterized by freedom, happiness, vitality and contentment – and that we have the potential to realize it for ourselves.

Even therapists cannot heal people vicariously, but can only support and teach people how anyone can reactivate their own self-healing powers.

As a health consultant, I will first explain the causes of your symptoms to you. To do this, I use my own method in which I look at you as a whole (body, soul and spirit): accompanied by natural medicine and always enriched by my personal holistic approach (naturopathic medicine, healthy nutrition, InYology®, environmental medicine and psychosomatics). I have been studying these specialist areas very intensively in practice and in theory for over 30 years.

What is the cause of your symptoms?

My diagnostics and the subsequent appropriate therapy recommendation are intended to prevent your symptoms from becoming chronic, to prevent you from remaining unwell for the rest of your life, and to prevent you from having to take numerous medications. My method is not meant to compete with conventional medicine. It is a valuable alternative. This method is based on empirical medicine.

Changing your physical diet facilitates the necessary change in attitude. Primarily, however, it is our attitude and thinking (unveiling our judgment) that we need to change.

We (that is, our physical body) are what we drink, eat, and think. Our physical body is physical food that has been transformed! Our physical body IS our awareness, which transforms physical food into our physical body!

Awareness, soul and physical body

We earth humans consist – in this earth world – of three realms: awareness AND the soul AND the physical body. To be completely healthy, we must keep all three realms healthy.

  1. Expanding our awareness with nature knowledge
  2. Giving the soul maximum love
  3. Giving the physical body healthy food

All three realms are important. And the correct order is just as important. We are always personally responsible for all our decisions. This is especially true for our spiritual, psychological and physical health. Not only are we responsible for what we do, we are also responsible for what we don’t do.

I would like to invite you to help you regain your true and natural health. It is about you, your quality of life, your capacity to work and about your healthy life.