Language change through feminist linguistics

Since the equality discussions, the gender-mad left-wing feminists have been demanding that innumerable terms that were traditionally masculine must be changed. They found formulations like:

  • Teacher
  • student
  • Lecturers

The consistent demand for feminine designations unfortunately led to rather grotesque formulations in practice.

Language creations

Hello, dear children, please put on the headphones and outside now.

There were also completely nonsensical language creations, such as:

  • Guest
  • Member (also without member)
  • Everyone says (instead of everyone says)
  • Thank Goddess
  • Womanhood (instead of team)
  • Sisterhood (instead of brotherhood)
  • I’m very hungry
  • We will become (instead of fraternizing)
  • Refugee and Refugees
  • Importer and exporter
  • every (M) ann-woman
  • Member, although member is simply singular and members plural.
  • Woman says (instead of saying, although “man” = French “on” means any person).

A joke: A feminist asks her poor husband, You Horst, I want to invite you to my birthday – since I am Aquarius in the zodiac sign – I will write: Aquarius will be 30. Her husband thinks, luckily you are not Taurus in the zodiac sign, otherwise you would have to You write: Cow turns 30.

The examples show that good writing style is never characterized by complexity.

It is also noteworthy that almost all terms should be “genderised”, BUT not a single term that describes crime or has negative connotations has ever been “feminised”.

There are none Criminals , no Murderers , no Rapists , no Abusers , no Thugs , no Idiots etc.

The destruction of families by feminism and genderism is the invention of the Rothschilds, Rockefellers and Co.

And for two reasons: Previously, only half of the population paid taxes. Now it is nearly twice as many, because now women also go to work to earn money. It also destroyed families and gave the self-proclaimed elite power over the children. You are now under the control of the socialist gender media and their agenda.

These sick messages are now being drummed into the children. You are no longer under the influence of the family, but rather under a satanic influence. By turning women against men, we have created a broken society full of egoists.

Serious crises in marriages and families, exploding divorce rates with the destruction of entire families, collapse of values with the most serious consequences for the whole of society, excessive egoism, ruthlessness, unemployment, drug abuse, violence in schools and society, countless wars with huge refugee problems.

The profits of corporations are privatized and the burdens are socialized.

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