Is restaurant sushi healthy? No, even very unhealthy!

How unhealthy is sushi really?

Sushi is a Japanese dish made from rice, supplemented with other ingredients such as raw or smoked fish, raw seafood, nori seaweed, vegetables and tofu variants.

Sushi is generally considered to be healthy food: Ingredients such as rice, vegetables, seaweed, fresh fish and nori leaves sound healthy. But is sushi really as healthy as its reputation?

Well, sushi is not always sushi!

Here is my list of restaurant sushi vs. homemade sushi


When you see what is really being sold to you as sushi – it is a horror!

Such restaurant sushi is neither food nor nourishment. Restaurant and wholesale sushi is a cell growth (also called cancer) generating agent!

Even worse are the modern creations of the Asian “fusion cuisine” with dips on a mayonnaise basis, fried fish, meat or even French fries packaged as sushi …

Conclusion: Restaurant and wholesale sushi is not advisable! Homemade sushi with the organic ingredients mentioned in the right column is even healthy!

The power of manipulation

This book aims to unveil your power of discernment and to keep your eyes and mind open.

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