Is Artificially Fortified Water Healthier? No!

Here’s another nice exercise to expose manipulation rhetoric:

My rhetoric analysis on the article:

Advertising statement:
70% of our body consists of water, the brain 90%!

Our body is not sick but thirsty! Every organ needs sufficient water that is accessible to cells in order to react.

My analysis:
I do not deny this fact either.

What I deny, however, is the manipulative claim that untreated natural water is not “cell-accessible”.

Advertising statement:
80% of all illnesses are caused by acidosis.

This is caused by oxidative stress (also during sport, oxygen is burned). Free radicals are created. These lack electrons and are therefore electron robbers. They attack the cell walls and get a free electron from them.

My analysis:
I do not deny this fact either.

What I deny, however, is that untreated natural water has to be artificially “enriched”, otherwise the natural order would have “enriched” the water by nature.

Advertising statement:
This is why the body needs antioxidants, e.g. B. Vitamins.

The antioxidant effect of the vitamins is based on the fact that they largely consist of hydrogen.

My analysis:
Even this part of the truth that the body needs antioxidants is not denied by me.

My analysis:
What I deny, however, is that antioxidants should consist largely of water. Every negatively charged ion has free electrons – so-called valence electrons – with an “antioxidant effect” in that it neutralizes and thus balances the positively charged – oxidative – ion.

Advertising statement:
The inventor of ascorbic acid (vitamin C) described hydrogen as the most essential form of energy for the body. Because hydrogen has the strongest antioxidant effect and is mainly present in free form in fruits and vegetables!

But in normal water hydrogen occurs mainly in bound form. In contrast, free hydrogen (also known as active or molecular hydrogen) was found in the spring water of Lourdes and other medicinal waters, which has an excess of negatively charged particles, i.e. electrons.

The free hydrogen is the real cause of the miracle healing through these healing springs! The free hydrogen (negatively charged) now combines with the free radicals (positively charged) and water H2O is created, which is excreted through the kidneys and sweat. Free (molecular) hydrogen is 88 times smaller than the vitamin C molecule and therefore easily penetrates every cell and eliminates the most harmful free radical, hydroxyl. The larger free radicals are neutralized by vitamin C and glutathione. But these scavengers also need free hydrogen.

My analysis:
This partial truth – manipulatively mixed with untruth – is denied by me as well partially or completely.

  • the inventor of ascorbic acid and writes vitamin C in brackets
  • Knowing that vitamin C was not invented by anyone.
  • In “normal” water, hydrogen occurs mainly in bound form.
  • Because untreated natural water should be PH-neutral. The term “in bound form” in this context is only an advertising term for the ignorant. The great spirit has created enough other products with a base-forming effect for this.

What is suggested in this advertising is less natural knowledge than manipulative advertising rhetoric.

We shouldn’t also want to technically “improve” natural water. The natural order is already perfect.

The power of manipulation

This book aims to unveil your power of discernment and to keep your eyes and mind open.

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