Healthy recipes: make your own coconut yogurt

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Few people in the world can digest lactose. Vegan dairy products are considered to be particularly digestible and offer a healthy alternative to animal products.


  • 800 ml organic coconut milk from a can (no coconut drink or coconut water)
  • 1-1.5 tsp agar agar (= vegetable gelatin made from seaweed)
  • Yogurt starter cultures


  • Yogurt maker / yogurt maker

Step 1
Put coconut milk in a bowl and stir well so that the white part, which usually settles at the top of the can, combines with the rest of the coconut water.

step 2
Separate 100-200 g coconut milk, mix in a saucepan with agar agar and cook for at least Bring to the boil for 2 minutes and stir.

step 3
Mix the boiled coconut milk with the rest of the coconut milk.

Step 4
Now add the yoghurt starter cultures (according to the instructions for 1 liter) to the mixture and stir well. The mixture should never be warmer than 38 ° C, otherwise the yoghurt cultures will die. (Important: the temperature depends on the cultures, for some a temperature between 43-45 ° C is recommended – follow the instructions on the package!)

Step 5
Put everything in a yoghurt maker and let it stand for 12-18 hours. The shorter the fermentation time, the milder, but also the more liquid the coconut yogurt will be. The longer, the more sour the yogurt will be.

Step 6
When the time has elapsed, stir the coconut yoghurt well once. Put the mass in the container – or filled into glasses – in the refrigerator. It does not set until it cools down and then gets the typical yoghurt consistency and puncture resistance.

The coconut yogurt can be kept in the refrigerator for a good 5-7 days.

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