Healthy recipes: apple-cinnamon energy balls

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This recipe is not only delicious, but also very easy – with only 3 ingredients – to prepare and full of flavor.


  • 140g almonds
  • 150g dried apple
  • 1-2 teaspoons of cinnamon

We recommend soaking the almonds in cold water overnight and rinsing them off with cold water in the morning.

Step 1
Put the almonds in a blender and mix into small crumbs.

step 2
Add the dried apples and mix these into smaller pieces too. A tamper makes the whole thing easier.

step 3
Put the mixture in a bowl. Now you take small portions spoon by spoon and roll them into balls. Put them aside.

Step 4
Put the cinnamon in a small bowl and roll it one ball at a time until it is covered in cinnamon.

Step 5
Let taste and enjoy.

The apple and cinnamon balls can be stored in a cool place for up to 4 days.

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author: André Blank

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He is convinced, that all people with healthy heart-QI – true love – are allowed to live a life in trust, peace, freedom and health – and that we have the potential to realize such a life for ourselves.

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