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There is nothing like breast milk for babies, science agrees. The researchers cannot explain what a young mother from the USA has now experienced.

Breast milk reacts to sick baby

It was one night in February when Mallory Smothers from the USA breastfed her newborn several times, as always. At some point she discovered them first signs of a cold in your little darling. The child developed a fever, became restless, and cried. Mallory was preparing for the next busy days.

When the next morning, as usual, the young mother pumped the milk into a plastic bag for the next few hours, she experienced a huge surprise. What came out of her chest was not white, as usual, but yellowish and of a noticeably thicker consistency. The liquid was strikingly like colostrum.

Colostrum is the name given to the milk that women produce in the first few days after giving birth and to help the newborn to strengthen its immune system. she has a composition different from ordinary breast milk , contains a higher concentration of enzymes, proteins and antibodies – and is yellowish and thick.

Mallory Smothers believes that her body reacted in some way to her child’s illness and wants to help her little one get better faster. As proof, she posted a photo on the web. On the left the ordinary white milk, on the right the striking yellow milk that she pumped the morning after her child was infected.

What the body can do when the baby is sick

Mallory’s theory is not so absurd. In fact, there are scientific studies that have found a connection between the milk produced and a disease in the mother or child.

A study from 2011 found an increased leukocyte content in breast milk in such a case. White blood cells are called leukocytes and are mainly responsible for the defense against germs.

Another study from 2013 confirms this astonishing finding. Again, the researchers found more white blood cells in breast milk when the baby was sick.


We knew that breastfeeding is not only there to nourish the baby, but that the substances contained in breast milk also help protect the newborn from infections and diseases. But now scientists have found that breast milk even contains a natural antibiotic that could help us fight immune diseases.

How the mother’s body notices that the baby is sick, neither of the examinations provide any answer. The researchers have simply not been able to determine the exact process of the phenomenon.

Only a few theories exist. Mallory Smothers also represents one of them: She is convinced that the pathogens of her child got into her own body through her child’s saliva when breastfeeding at night. Her own immune system, the line of thought goes on, then analyzed this and reprogrammed the production of her breast milk accordingly. Whether this thesis really comes true can only be shown in future studies. What remains for so long is the realization that the bond between mother and child is a unique miracle.

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