Ginger: the healthy healing properties of the bulb

Ginger, the hot tuber, is one of the most powerful natural remedies for many diseases, and it can be used in a number of ways.

There is new research showing that ginger is as good as turmeric.

Not only is ginger more effective than the cancer chemicals used in killing cancers, there is evidence that some cancer drugs are ineffective and can even hasten death.

A study done at Georgia State University found that ginger was able to reduce the size of a prostate tumor by 56%. In addition to the healing effects on cancer, it has been observed that ginger can also be used to treat inflammation, as it supplies the body with life-promoting antioxidants.

Another well-known study “PLoS” found that a specific component in ginger known as 6-shogaol can beat conventional cancer drugs, namely chemotherapy, to help fight breast cancer.

Many cancer stem cells are able to renew themselves. They are mostly resistant to conventional chemotherapeutic agents and therefore split and thus form new tumor cells.

The new study found that ginger contains an ingredient that is known as

6-Shogaol is known and is a very good anti-cancer agent. This ingredient is fortified by drying the root.

But the researchers have discovered even more good things. Ginger not only works to fight cancer, it also leaves healthy cells alone!

This is very different from traditional cancer treatment, which does not have these selective properties. This means that chemotherapy damages the patient massively, because it also attacks healthy cells and thus the immune system.

The active ingredient 6-Shogaol is particularly effective in breast cancer because it affects the cell cycle.

The study also compared a comparison with the cancer drug Taxol and the active ingredient in ginger (6-Shogaol). The researchers concluded that taxol does not have the same effectiveness as ginger in killing cancer stem cells and stopping new tumors from forming. Taxol also attacks healthy cells.

The ginger root works very successfully against ovarian cancer cells – without any side effects.
That doesn’t mean ginger is a cure for cancer. This is a clinical study. What impact ginger can have on humans in the long term has yet to be investigated.

Ginger has long been used in medicine to treat inflammation and nausea.
In all the tests that were carried out, the cancer cells that were brought into contact with the powder died. Science calls this phenomenon “apoptosis”.
In addition, the cancer cells began to fight each other, which is known in medicine as “autophagy”. It’s a real sensation. But only in school medicine.

In natural medicine, which also corresponds to my understanding, this process is of course not understood as “cells fight cells”, but rather as “too much Yin is brought into a healthy balance by reducing Yin or increasing Yang”.

The researchers were also able to fight prostate cancer cells in their study, as reported by the British Journal of Nutrion. Experiments have shown that ginger kills all prostate cancer cells while leaving the healthy cells. In an experiment, the scientists were able to prove that a tumor could only be reduced in size by an unbelievable 56 percent through treatment with ginger.

Hope for cancer patients

Not only could it reduce the suffering of cancer patients and increase their chances of survival – it’s also a far cheaper treatment than chemotherapy.
In the end it has to be said that more research needs to be done to show that modern cancer medicine is not as effective as natural medicine.

The natural medicine strengthens the immune system and adds the K ö no new diseases.

The secrets of health

Whoever said that the mind is more powerful than the body… Which I also believe… the should also use this spiritual power to keep the body as healthy as possible.

Otherwise this wisdom remains ineffective.

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