Finally understanding the EU manipulation

In an essentially well-intentioned article I read the following: ‘The basic idea of the EC, now the EU, was good! No more world war! But today only mafia bosses in Brussels EU, like Jean-Claude Juncker and predecessor Barroso!”

To this I say:
Whoever spreads such things is either ignorant-naive or manipulative. The truth is: The “EU” was never created with a – for the majority of people – “good” basic idea. The “EU” was founded by “socialists = centralists”. And centralists never want the freedom of individuals. Never! The “EU” was since its foundation a – at that time still satanic NWO-weapon – to subjugate the people in the whole European area to a satanic-socialist dictatorship – and then to eliminate them.

I have been calling this “EU” “the 4th Reich or the new Greater Germany” for many years now.

The matrix word is “Europe”. And the correct translation: Merkel Europe or the “Merkel We” is the 4th Reich – also called Greater Germany or EU. But even this “EU” is now being dissolved again. I knew this “centralist EU entity” would not survive long because it is against the natural order. And when this diabolical “ESM Treaty” was put into force in 2012, I knew that this was at the same time the death sentence of this “EU”.

We should distinguish between the Europe of autonomous states and the Europe of subjugated states.

The power of manipulation

This book aims to unveil your power of discernment and to keep your eyes and mind open.

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