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The “conventional medicine” is a purely symptomatic medicine, which gets its knowledge from “scientific studies” and only combats the symptoms.

To do this, she primarily uses chemically produced drugs.

The “empirical medicine” – also called “natural medicine” – uses means from nature as a medicine.

Whether a drug is made chemically or from a natural substance is symptomatic in both cases because it primarily suppresses the symptoms.

Many “natural healers” or “non-medical practitioners” usually recommend natural resources, but only to suppress symptoms. For symptom X, mean X and for symptom Y, mean Y.

Empirical medicine only becomes holistic when the recommendations of the health advisor flow into the patient’s attitude and lifestyle – such as thoughts, feelings and nutrition – on his own responsibility. Those who do not live the recommended postural changes will stick to symptom suppression – and experience no healing.

That is why, as a health advisor, I recommend a clear sequence of recommendations:

1. Explain Mea Culpa.
2. Immediately letting go of the placebo attitude and fear and leading into trust in the power of the Great Spirit.
3. Then explain the physical recommendations.

We earth people consist – in this earth world – of three areas:
The consciousness AND the soul AND the physical body. To be completely healthy, we must keep all three areas healthy.

1. Expand consciousness with knowledge of nature.
2. Give the soul maximum love.
3. Give healthy food to the physical body.

All three realms are important. And the correct order is just as important.

From my book: InYology – the detailed teaching of Yin and Yang.

InYology– The detailed teaching of yin and yang

InYology is a magical compass to understand the laws of nature and the order in the universe.

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author: André Blank

André is a health-mentor and author. He is the founder, owner and CEO of Vivoterra® AG.

He is convinced, that all people with healthy heart-QI – true love – are allowed to live a life in trust, peace, freedom and health – and that we have the potential to realize such a life for ourselves.

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