Do I eat something healthy when I eat seaweed?

But I do eat something healthy when I eat seaweed.
Here is a good example of how you can turn healthy into dirt.

Brown algae 79% (wakame), dried mushrooms (Judas ears), sugar, sesame seeds, thickener (E 406), refined sesame oil, table salt enriched with E535, refined rice vinegar, soy sauce (with wheat & sugar), chilli sauce (with soy, wheat, sugar ), Coloring (E 141, E 100), chilli.

Sodium ferrocyanide is a separating agent that is being used more and more frequently, which is used in table salt or, in general, in salts as a so-called “giant aid” or “separating agent”. Sodium ferrocyanide with the abbreviation E535 improves the flow properties of the salt and makes it much heavier and less likely to clump. In the past, two substances that are considered to be absolutely harmless – and even base-forming – were used much more often as a release agent in salt. These were Magnesium carbonate and calcium carbonate . Both substances work equally well to improve or guarantee the flowability of salt.

What is Sodium Ferrocyanide?
Sodium ferrocyanide essentially consists of the elements sodium and iron. As the name suggests, sodium ferrocyanide naturally also contains cyanide, which in itself would be absolutely deadly. The binding of cyanide to the iron contained in the fabric neutralizes this toxic effect. Sodium ferrocyanide has so far only been approved for table salt and “foods” similar to table salt. This only applies to stricter limit quantities that the manufacturers must not exceed.

Why isSodium ferrocyanide harmful?
Sodium ferrocyanide accumulates in the kidneys. Why didn’t you stick with magnesium carbonate and calcium carbonate? Because “the system” needs sick people

Is the Wheat soy sauce which we can buy in the store is not fermented and therefore the hybrid wheat is not harmed. And is sesame oil like rice vinegar (including sugar) not standard in Asian cuisine?

Basically: 1. 95% of all wheat soy sauces are not fermented. This soy break is made from GMO glyphosate gluten glyadin hybrid wheat flour – and it is certainly not fermented. This cheap soy break contains water, sugar, color, alcohol, wheat flour (not the whole grain) and is absolutely filthy. And 2. No, this unhealthy soy sauce is definitely not used in traditional Asian cuisine. But only in the unhealthy modern Asian kitchens that do not claim to deliver healthy food. 3. Rice vinegar (Genmai-Su) is also not traditionally made with sugar. 4. Refined sesame oil used here is just as bad.

What is the taste of seaweed?
Algae have the 5th taste – umami. Sometimes they taste a bit earthy like the sea. If you grow them well they are almost neutral. I always use the algae water for cooking. Why should I throw away the valuable dissolved minerals? Above all, algae are virtually unbeatable as a source of minerals: In addition to zinc and vitamins A, C, E and B12, algae provide us with iodine in particular. It is important for a healthy hormone metabolism and, last but not least, also for the slim line.

The secrets of health

Whoever said that the mind is more powerful than the body… Which I also believe… the should also use this spiritual power to keep the body as healthy as possible.

Otherwise this wisdom remains ineffective.

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