Debunking vitamin D3 manipulation rhetoric

Here’s another nice exercise for debunking manipulative rhetoric.

I found an article about vitamin D in the online newspaper 20 minutes.

My rhetoric analysis on the article:

An annual ration of vitamin D is available for 2 francs.

Answer: The manipulations are even more perfidious than the obvious. Even conscious embezzlement is manipulation.

Vitamin D is important for healthy bones and teeth.

Answer: Hello? Just for the bones and teeth? So if I have healthy bones and teeth, don’t I need vitamin D3?

When the skin is exposed to the sun, the body produces its own vitamin D.

Answer: Well, then I put my skin – preferably even both forearms – in the sun for 20 minutes, no problem.

Insufficient solar radiation in the winter months – only in the winter months? – leads to an inadequate vitamin D supply in 60 percent – who counted it and how? – of the Swiss population.

Answer: Where does this report say, how much is insufficient and how much is sufficient?

But it can also be too much.

Answer: Where does this report say how much is too much?

The drug commission of the German doctors warns of dangerous overdoses.

Answer: Why is the German Medical Association cited here when the other warnings come from the Swiss Federal Office for Agriculture?

The doctors describe the case of a 60-year-old who had poisoned himself from a high-dose vitamin D preparation.

Answer: And that without mentioning how much this 60-year-old man – so primarily old men are at risk – had taken of this preparation and how long he had taken it to poison himself?

However, high doses of vitamin D over a long period of time lead to high levels of calcium in the blood. This causes calcium deposits to form in the body, which mainly cause damage to the kidneys.

Answer: And why is the combination with vitamin K2 and magnesium completely omitted here?

“Vitamin D has become ‘a fashion drug’”, says Christian Kretschmer from the German drug directory.

Answer: UPS, vitamin D3 is now even a fashion DRUG. That is probably the killer argument, so that now all ignorant people immediately keep their hands off the vitamin D3.

Conclusion: It’s like the Pope on the construction site who says to you: “There has been little research into electricity, we do not recommend installing any lamps. Stay in the dark, the light (truth) could blind you. The ‘electricity’ could electrocute you, stay away from it. Stay in the dark.”

The power of manipulation

This book aims to unveil your power of discernment and to keep your eyes and mind open.

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