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If you want to live healthy, you should eat enough greens. There is a lot of chlorophyll in green vegetables, a substance that not only gives us oxygen.

Not everyone is a fan of green foods – but the rule still applies: the greener, the healthier! The darker and more intense the green shade of the fruit or vegetable, the more chlorophyll it contains. But what makes the so-called leaf green so healthy?

What is chlorophyll?
Anyone who has paid attention to biology lessons knows what chlorophyll is all about: Without this natural dye, plants would not be green and would not be able to photosynthesize. In this process, carbon dioxide, water and light energy are converted into oxygen and glucose with the help of the leafy green of a plant. Chlorophyll not only provides us with air to breathe, but can also benefit us in other ways – provided it is regularly on our menu.

Chlorophyll for healthy blood formation
Our blood is red, but it benefits from the green of the leaves! No wonder that it is nicknamed ‘Green Blood’. What makes chlorophyll so healthy for the vital sap that flows through our veins? Its chemical structure. This is similar to that of hemoglobin, the red blood pigment that is found in our body. Only their core differs: while there is a magnesium molecule in the center of the chlorophyll, there is an iron molecule in the hemoglobin. It doesn’t matter: The leafy green still helps transport oxygen in the veins and thus contributes to the formation of new blood cells and to cleansing the blood.

Chlorophyll against iron and magnesium deficiency
Trace elements can also be used more effectively by the body through chlorophyll, as it increases the absorption (i.e. absorption) of iron and magnesium. In a study, Dr. Arthur Patek even found in 1936 that green foods, which are high in chlorophyll, when combined with iron, raise the amount of hemoglobin in a person’s blood faster than iron supplements alone. Deficiency symptoms in connection with a magnesium deficit can also be prevented by consuming foods containing chlorophyll. Our body needs this mineral for healthy muscles and nerves.

Chlorophyll against free radicals
Environmental pollution and pollutants in our food cause dangerous free radicals (such as heavy metals) to spread throughout our bodies.

These cause us to age, but in the worst case can also trigger cancer or Alzheimer’s.

Chlorophyll can also help to remedy this. Scientists found that the leaf green has an antioxidant effect and therefore combats harmful substances in the body. In addition, it binds cancer-causing substances, which leads to a cancer-inhibiting effect.

Chlorophyll can do a lot more
The advantages of leaf green are even more diverse! If you want to consume chlorophyll, you automatically eat more green foods – and these are usually high in vitamins A, C and K as well as folic acid, vitamin B6, copper, calcium and potassium. In addition, there are healthy fatty acids and essential amino acids. The body is of course happy about that! No wonder, then, that chlorophyll also stimulates digestion, supports wound healing and dispels bad body odor or bad breath.

Which products contain a lot of chlorophyll
There is a lot of chlorophyll in green leafy vegetables such as kale and spinach, but it also contains broccoli, green peas and cucumber. Herbal fans can fall back on nettles, parsley and coriander, while when it comes to fruit, the hairy kiwi has the edge. In Germany, meanwhile, the green freshwater alga Chlorella, which – as the name suggests – is perfect as a source of chlorophyll, is less well known. If you are into smoothies, you should definitely choose the color green and put at least one ingredient that is rich in chlorophyll in the blender!

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