Aspartame (E951) a Monsanto-Bayer product

Aspartame (E951) is simply renamed and re-marketed as the “natural” sweetener AminoSweet

Aspartame has been one of the most controversial food additives for years.

The official message is that the additive is safe for consumption. Regulators often make the greatest effort to ignore the negative results that have emerged from certain studies. Aspartame has been linked to numerous health problems; from seizures to fatal cardiovascular attacks in women.

Recent studies have established the link to diabetes and an increased risk of damage to the heart, kidneys and brain.
The popular “sugar-free” drinks and foods almost always contain aspartame as a sweetener.

Despite the public controversy that exists about aspartame – and despite the many years we’ve known the dangers of the substance, it’s shocking that it is still used in many of the most iconic foods we consume today.

“Diet” drinks, chewing gum, breakfast cereals all contain this artificial sweetener called an excitoxin.
With the help of a “clever” marketing strategy, aspartame can now be marketed under the name AminoSweet.

This is in an effort to mislead consumers into believing that the products they are buying are aspartame free.
Do not be misled.

Aspartame is now also being marketed under names such as “Nutrasweet” or “Equal” and is used in many “diet” or “light” variants of well-known foods.
In the 1980s, the managing director of GD Searle & Company (taken over by Monsanto in 1985), Donald Rumsfeld (Secretary of War of the Bush administration) campaigned for it to be allowed as an additive in food. The chemical company (Monsanto) was bought in 2018 for 62 billion. Sold to Bayer.

Now, with the blessing of the US FDA (Food Safety Authority), millions of people are being tricked into consuming this harmful chemical believing that aspartame is a natural sweetener.

Aspartame is made in the United States using genetically modified bacteria. In the European Union it has the code name E951 as an additive.
However, this is just as important for European households as it is for American households, because:

As we know, the CETA agreement has been enforced against the will of the European people, which means that American products will increasingly reach us via Canada in the next few years.

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Otherwise this wisdom remains ineffective.

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