Are you still informed or are you already thinking yourself?

Are you still informed or are you already thinking yourself?

What is information

It is pointless to speak of information without referring to “something”.

Information is the giving of a sense and meaning to an energy pattern from the sea of all possibilities, i.e. the universe itself. It is a purposeful understanding of this meaning.

Information is the answer to the questions we ask. Once we understand the information, we can leave out the term “information” and keep the meaning.

Energy can only work – flow – if it is recognized and absorbed by a goal – the antagonism.

So information can only work if it is recognized and understood by a goal – the spirit – and is given a meaning.

Everything that exists is information. We can access this information with our senses by synchronizing ourselves with areas and bringing them into resonance.

We only create reality afterwards, derived from the information we receive.

Our reality, our understanding of nature, arises only through our mental construct, through the impression of this information flowing to us and not the other way around.

We create our reality through our mental activity and consciousness.

This is also the explanation why we can control the energy for illness and health with our consciousness. More on this in the chapter on nocebo and placebo.

Information is just another name for the universal energy AI. Information and AI are the same. Every thought is stored in some area in true memory – the universe, universal consciousness. And any information can be brought into resonance with these areas through synchronization of our consciousness, and thus accessed and experienced.

If we could only call up our own thoughts, which we ourselves have fed into the universal memory as information, we would not be able to learn anything.

But the whole universe is made up of information from all individual thoughts and consciousnesses and thus becomes the universal consciousness that contains everything.

Without information we could not experience anything, develop and live at all.

But information also comes from informing. Get in formation (military). Get into formation. In a precisely fitting shape. Formation and formatting. In formation, bring into a suitable form.

“Mom, why do I have to go to school? So that you can learn to repeat information instead of thinking for yourself – and not become a threat to the system.”

The better you are at memorizing, the better you can reproduce the pre-chewed information like a phonograph (record player), the greater your reward from the system. Good grades, good toys and later money and influential jobs so that you too can recruit the next generation within the system.

One of the largest and most effective productions in recent times has been created by the “left” or “globalists” with their “new speaking rhetoric” by adding the term “Nazi” to the federalists and to themselves as “anti-fascists.” “could represent.

Nobody should be misled by the socialist “Newspeak” and their “camouflage names”. The “left” and “right” deception scheme only serves to obscure the principle of “divide and rule”.

It is not the “left-right” groups within the system that are decisive, but rather whether they are members of the system (rulers with a monopoly of violence and immunity from prosecution) or non-system members (rulers against whom the monopoly of force is used and who enjoy no immunity from prosecution .)

Socialism is always centralism, and centralism is just another word for dictatorship.

Centralism means that all power is centralized and not federally distributed among the clans concerned.

Centralism is incompatible with federalism.

It is therefore easy to understand that it is precisely the socialists / centralists who, under the guise of “anti-discrimination”, divide this “into groups” in order to then be able to dominate the individual groups even better “with the” left-right Parts scheme “.

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