A severed finger is also food for the soul

The mind directs the body and the soul feels the feelings.

Earlier generations were able to combine the physical symptoms with the emotional causes even better. Statements like: It hits my stomach, my nose is runny, I’m fed up, it breaks my heart, bile overflows … Liver and anger, heart and joy, stomach and worries, lungs and grief, Kidneys and fear always belong together in pairs.

Finger cut off

When I was still going to school, I was about 8 years old, I helped a farmer to cut firewood with a log splitter. As always, the farmer had a helper with him, the man was a cook in a psychiatric clinic. He told me to press the pedal of the log splitter while he placed the log on the trestle. We worked like this for hours. Suddenly the man yelled: “OUCH, damn shit, my finger, you cut my finger off!” Yes, I was on the pedal with my foot. He ran away and shouted back: “Find my finger, it’s somewhere in the wood!” I did that and gave the man my finger. “Here you have your finger”. The farmer’s mother then cooked lunch. There was pasta with shredded meat and applesauce. I was actually hungry from work, but I didn’t want to eat anything. My cardia (stomach mouth) has closed the entrance. That was enough mental nourishment that hit the stomach. I never heard from this man again.

Boy burned

Another time, about two years later, an Italian family lived in our village and they wanted to emigrate back to Italy. Her son had all friends here, he was desperate and had doused himself with gasoline and set himself on fire. I saw it burn. Finally the fire brigade and paramedics came and they cooled him with lukewarm water over the balcony railing. His skin was black and drooping. It wasn’t a pretty sight. The young man died a short time later in the hospital. I later related this experience at home. We then practiced ZEN meditation for 30 minutes that evening. As children we very often did 30 minutes of ZEN (zazen) meditation. Sometimes every day. So I was able to process and let go of this film, this emotional material that I had recorded. After that, I didn’t have bad dreams.

If someone thinks that he can only heal consciousness and soul and neglect the body, then he will continue to have a sick body. It’s his choice. If someone thinks they want a healthy body too, they have to practice the physical recommendations as well. It’s his choice.

It is not decisive WHAT you do – WHAT you recognize on your way. It is crucial with which attitude you do it – with which attitude you go your way. What you do in the posture without love is not good. What you do in the attitude of love is always good.

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